Synonyms for Enunciate:


put (something) into words, express yourself, affirm, address. words. enunciate (noun)
enounce, articulate, vocalise, vocalize, pronounce, sound out.


communication (verb)
vocalise, vocalize, articulate.
speak clearly (verb)
affirm, express, intone, voice, vocalize, articulate, pronounce, utter, enounce, modulate, deliver.

Other synonyms:

articulation. address. enounce
sound out.

Usage examples for enunciate

  1. Likewise when he began to " feel his feet," he volunteered again the opinion which we heard him enunciate to his master, that " folks as gets on the ice, middle of Plane Pond, middle of the night, etc, bean't up to no good;" a remark whose naivete drew forth a great laugh, and likewise an admonition from the coroner that the witness should not volunteer opinions containing an imputation of motive until he was asked for it- which admonition for the most part was sheer Sanscrit to old Joe. – The Heath Hover Mystery by Bertram Mitford