Synonyms for Whisper:


put out, aside, confidence, secret, let it be known that, proclaim, disseminate, announce, hint, disclose, broadcast, reveal, rumor, disclosure, spread. gurgle, fizz, growl, sigh, babble, putter, cluck, grunt, sough. dash, suspicion, breath, touch, pitter-patter, hair, ripple, peep, taste, shade, tinge, shadow, streak, ghost, semblance, pit-a-pat, whisker, whiff, intimation, pad, big, show, trace, suggestion. croon, under your breath, bleat, purr, croak, breathe. ramble, stage whisper, burble, patter, ramblings, jabber, meander. communication (noun)
whispering, susurration.
quietness (noun)
mumble, softness, undertone, faintness, lowness.
rumor; information expressed in soft voice (noun)
report, mumble, hum, disclosure, buzz, mutter, confidence, susurration, word, sigh, secret, murmur, hint, undertone.
sibilation (noun)
sibilation, rhonchus.
susurration (noun)
trace, suggestion (noun)
suspicion, breath, dash, tinge, touch, whiff, shadow, shade.
voice (noun)
intonation, articulation, emission, pronunciation, speech, utterance, exclamation, enunciation.
whisper (noun)
susurration, rustling, rustle, whispering.


sibilate (verb)
snuffle, sputter, sizzle, sneeze, lisp, zip, buzz, wheeze, hiss, whistle, sniffle, whoosh, snort, whiz, snore, whir, fizzle, sibilate.
speak softly (verb)
hiss, sibilate, breathe.
voice (verb)
murmur, groan, exclaim, emit, articulate, moan, cry, speak, voice, pronounce, mutter, intone, enunciate, utter.

Other synonyms:

sigh, stage whisper, ramblings, croon, hint. whiff, whisker, purr. intimation, ramble, semblance, bleat, croak. patter, tinge, burble, streak, hair, ghost. shadow. trace, breath. breathe. shade. blow

Usage examples for whisper

  1. It is I." " There," said Marie, in a whisper – The Last Hope by Henry Seton Merriman
  2. " Is it-" began the lady, in an agitated whisper – Cy Whittaker's Place by Joseph C. Lincoln
  3. Guy Little's voice was now a whisper – Man to Man by Jackson Gregory