Synonyms for Disclose:


lay something bare, offload, let (it) slip, lay bare, spill the beans, leak. throw back, strip away, strip, make known. unclothe. knowledge, transmit, pass, tell, convey, carry, get across, report. disclose (noun)
expose, impart, let out, bring out, reveal, break, let on, divulge, give away, discover.


communication (verb)
expose, let on, bring out, let out, unwrap, uncover, break, reveal, give away, divulge, discover.
disclose (verb)
uncloak, exhibit, announce, assert, reveal, disseminate, communicate, advertise, proclaim, confess, brief, broadcast, unmask, testify, divulge, declare, express.
discover (verb)
recognize, identify, dig up, unearth, educe, breakthrough, Unriddle, realize, unravel, solve, disinter, elicit, detect, determine, find, fathom.
open (verb)
release, uncork, open, unplug, unseal, undo, unlock, expose, bare.
perception (verb)
uncover, expose.
reveal (verb)
show, lay bare, display, uncover.
reveal, make public (verb)
bare, uncover, divulge, exhibit, communicate, unveil, show, impart, spill the beans, lay bare, leak, broadcast, display, discover, give away, confess, open, reveal, expose, make known, tell.
uncover (verb)
unsheathe, unwrap, discover, unveil.

Other synonyms:

tell, throw back, offload. strip away. unclothe, leak. transmit. convey. strip. carry. pass. blab
let out.
unlock, uncork.
unmask, expose, unveil, unclothe, give away, bare.
Other relevant words:
break, transmit, give away, impart, carry, unclothe, strip, let out, spill the beans, lay bare, offload, bring out, get across, display, let on, convey, pass, report, leak, make known, tell.

Usage examples for disclose

  1. Nor did a careful search of the plain through the glasses disclose any sign of a hut or tent or the smoke of a camp- fire. – Out of the Primitive by Robert Ames Bennet
  2. The future lies open to him in this translucent sphere and he is prepared to disclose it at your bidding." – The Valley of Decision by Edith Wharton
  3. But it was neither of these things which moved Pete to tersely disclose his private opinion: I know nothin'. – Dorothy on a Ranch by Evelyn Raymond