Synonyms for Show:


accession, archive, archivist, retrospective, art gallery, exposition, audience, annals, occurrence, program, card catalog, bookmobile, carrel. act, come in, concert, representation, draw in, movie, entertainment, carnival, musical, play, get, film, land. drive, pompously, come, haul off, ostensibly, walk, apparently, bring, ostentatiously. surrender, express yourself, offer, discover, unclothe, make no secret of something, voice, give away. double feature, command performance, debut, booking, issue, double bill, loom, curtain raiser. duplicity, delineate, Double dealing, corruption, guile, smoke and mirrors, foul play, dishonesty, deception, misconduct. flash, make/prove your/a point, disport, assert, sport, vouch for, point to, brandish. beam, broadcast, conduct, transmit, escort, screen, lead, break, shepherd, televise, report, pilot, route. explain, set out, denote, mark, point out, run-through, clarify, define, put across. noticeable, proclaim, identifiable, obvious, perceptible, visible, apparent, distinct, plain. docudrama, breakfast television, closed-captioned, documentary, feature, docusoap, bulletin, chat show, call-in. measure out, measure, weigh, clock, run, gauge, sound, fit out, performing arts, pace out, quantify. expression, turn of phrase, corroborate, substantiate, support, endorse, communications, networking, bear out, speech, channel, validate, verify, confirm, authenticate, language, interchange. grow, come over, get in, blow in, surge, sweep over, start, pulse, color, engulf, check-in, reach, heighten, arrive, grip, pull in. trot out, produce, yield up, hold up, wheel out. life, incident, showcase, episode, occasion, event, phenomenon. roadshow, viewing, trade show, private showing. act (noun)
fake, appearance, sham, pose.
appearance (noun)
display, bearing, countenance, vista, mien, shape, look, form, aspect, cast, spectacle, image, figure, appearance, demeanor, view.
chance (noun)
demonstration (noun)
illustration, evidence, indication, demonstration, manifestation.
demonstration, exhibition (noun)
occurrence, manifestation, representation, appearance, presentation, exposition, program, display, spectacle, view, pageant.
drama (noun)
skit, improvisational drama, ballet, tragedy, variety, presentation, burlesque, suspense, melodrama, broadway, pantomime, pageant, production, vaudeville, teleplay, improvisation, rendering, excitement, mime, art, mystery, comedy, scene, panorama, drama, choreography, characterization, theater.
entertainment event (noun)
drama, comedy, picture, act, film, carnival, movie, burlesque, play, production, entertainment.
false front; appearance given (noun)
guise, semblance, front, ostentation, pose, sham, affectation, air, pretense.
movie (noun)
pretense (noun)
sham, make believe, semblance.
pretension (noun)
forgery, artificiality, falseness, affectation, air, facade, deceit, front, fraud, charade, imposture, gimmick, device, guise, pretense, ostentation, imitation, pretension, impersonation, mannerism, fakery.
show (noun)
express, demonstrate, record, bear witness, testify, evince, picture, shew, register, point, read, evidence, appearance, display, show up, establish, prove, depict, usher, render.


accompany (verb)
conduct, route, pilot, escort, shepherd, lead.
actively exhibit something (verb)
flaunt, brandish, reveal, bare, trot out, flash, flourish, sport, set out, offer, produce, expose, arrive, disport, stage, exhibit, present, demonstrate, unveil, showcase.
appear (verb)
emerge, arise, materialize, appear, surface.
demonstrate (verb)
flourish, unmask, flaunt, convince, illustrate, unveil, indicate, evince.
indicate (verb)
point out.
manifest (verb)
demonstrate, present, manifest, embody, reveal, exhibit.
passively exhibit something (verb)
emerge, appear, evince, establish, prove, disclose, illustrate, assert, evidence, materialize, discover, point, reach, mark, register, blow in, manifest, indicate, show up, clarify, explain, get, get in, divulge, loom, proclaim, come.
reveal (verb)
divulge, disclose, expose, bare, uncover.

Other synonyms:

incident, private showing, give away, offer, televise, trade show, assert, bear out, yield up. pilot, interchange, speech, conduct, proclaim, corroborate, screen. flash, explain, occasion, event, substantiate. produce, sound, endorse. sham, hold up. life, expression. channel, act. mark. support, break. run. appear
blow in.
arrive at
bring forward
trot out.
trot out.
point to.
unclothe, expose, unmask, bare, unveil.
come over.
television program
Other relevant words:
occasion, screen, show up, discover, prove, entertainment, shew, representation, express, exposition, come, semblance.