Synonyms for Exhibit:


archive, audience, annals, exhibition, bookmobile, card catalog, carrel, archivist, accession, art gallery. examination, closing argument, disport, habeas corpus, continuance, appearance, defense, sport, flash, case, brandish. have, seem, carry, grow in, tend, wear, bristle with, possess, bear, rate. hold up, wheel out, yield up, produce, trot out. roadshow, trade show, private showing. demonstration (noun)
evidence (noun)
confirmation, establishment, statement, information, substantiation, illustration, corroboration, determination, certification, proof, specimen, fact, validation, counter-evidence, manifestation, evidence, indication, declaration, data, documentation, connotation, authentication, attestation, demonstration, exemplification, testimony, observation, quotation, deposition.
exhibit (noun)
display, showing, parade, present, expose, demonstrate, demo, march.
viewing; presentation (noun)
exhibition, show, display, illustration.


demonstrate (verb)
flaunt, unveil, convince, flourish.
disclose (verb)
communicate, assert, unmask, broadcast, disseminate, express, announce, divulge, uncloak, advertise, brief, reveal, disclose, confess, proclaim.
evince (verb)
avouch, determine, support, indicate, testify, exemplify, certify, demonstrate, authenticate, prove, substantiate, evince, vouch, witness, manifest, document, illustrate, connote, confirm, depose, betoken, attest, adduce, corroborate, establish, validate, observe, state, declare.
manifest (verb)
present, show, materialize, appear, display, embody.
put on view; present (verb)
evince, demonstrate, manifest, illustrate, evidence, express, expose, disport, flash, trot out, flaunt, indicate, advertise, brandish, reveal, proclaim, disclose, parade.
reveal (verb)
bare, uncover, expose.

Other synonyms:

exhibition, trade show, continuance, yield up, private showing, habeas corpus, closing argument. roadshow, wheel out, trot out, disport, examination, hold up. brandish. appearance, flash. defense, produce, possess. have. bear, case. carry. bring forward
trot out.
bare, unmask, expose.
Other relevant words:
have, roadshow, carry, exhibition, flash, sport, trot out, disport, demonstration, hold up, march, parade, continuance, brandish, case, defense, examination, produce, showing, wear, bear, possess, appearance, demo.

Usage examples for exhibit

  1. Tall, slim, with dark eyes that made you catch your breath when they looked into yours, and a ready flow of speech, he had been Dunsterville's prize exhibit – The Man Upstairs and Other Stories by P. G. Wodehouse
  2. Instead of that they exhibit themselves in a false light and obscure the situation. – Letters From Rome on the Council by Johann Joseph Ignaz von Döllinger