Synonyms for Emit:


expend, spurt, blow, let off, issue, shoot, extrude, glow, throw up, perspire, beam, flash, throw out, emanate, exhale, void, ooze, slop over, light, expectorate, broadcast, sparkle, expel, cast out, gleam, flare, squirt, release, glare, blaze, gush, catch the light, shine, give forth. irradiate, radiate. emit (noun)
give out, give off, breathe, pass off, let loose, let out, utter.


body (verb)
breathe, pass off.
diffuse, discharge (verb)
exhale, expend, emanate, issue, beam, exude, perspire, eject, shed, cast out, evacuate, breathe, radiate, speak, let off, pronounce, secrete, void, vent, belch, squirt, erupt, send forth, extrude, ooze, utter, expectorate, excrete, expel, give out, vomit, gush, spew, shoot, throw out, voice, give off.
discharge (verb)
extravasate, transude, effuse, clear.
excrete (verb)
eliminate, excrete, discharge, secrete, evacuate, exude.
voice (verb)
cry, pronounce, intone, enunciate, voice, mutter, utter, groan, whisper, moan, articulate, speak, murmur, exclaim.

Other synonyms:

radiate. irradiate, emanate, ooze. tap out, throw out. release, spurt. sound. pitch. breathe out
give off, send forth.
give forth.
give off
pour forth
shout out

Usage examples for emit

  1. 56. May States emit bills of credit? – The Teaching of History by Ernest C. Hartwell
  2. Perhaps the very brightest and most diamond- like twinkle he had yet seen the star of his renown emit was just the light brought into his young Lord's eyes by this so easy consent to oblige. – The Finer Grain by Henry James