Synonyms for Crush:


respect, awe, admiration, reverence, deference, ardor. circle, busload, constellation, age group, club, damage, array, collection, assemblage. knock out, beat down, overwhelm, annihilate. Triturate, bang, punch, mill, granulate, HIT, strike, powder, knock, batter. scrunch, choke off, quash, flatten, depress, put down, rub, nip, extinguish, continue. wither, shame, humiliate, steamroller, wallop, massacre, cream, show up, thrash, embarrass, make someone's toes curl, drub, shellac, clobber, smear, tease, degrade. wrinkle, crease, rumple, crinkle, ruffle. prostrate, engulf, affect. push, crowd. tighten, express. captivation (noun)
crowd of animate beings (noun)
push, press, jam.
crush (noun)
crushed leather, squash, vanquish, calf love, beat, puppy love, suppress, jam, break down, shell, demolish, squeeze, oppress, infatuation, compaction, squelch, beat out, trounce, mash, press, crunch.
group (noun)
press, jam.
infatuation (noun)
puppy love, passion, desire.
love (noun)
desire, worship, tenderness, intimacy, romance, infatuation, devotion, affection, amorousness, faithfulness, kinship, love, fondness, oneness, adoration, friendliness, sentimentality, endearment, idolization, liking, communion, attachment, passion.
puppy love (noun)
calf love.
substance (noun)
crushed leather.


compress, smash (verb)
wrinkle, beat, squash, bruise, rumple, powder, crowd, Triturate, squeeze, crease, crunch, express, mash.
defeat (verb)
vanquish, outdo, conquer, checkmate, subdue, overcome, overthrow, overturn, whip, trump, defeat, foil, beat, outplay, master, capture, surmount, humble, win, overpower, triumph, subject, predominate, trounce, rout, quell.
defeating soundly (verb)
overwhelm, extinguish, conquer, annihilate, strangle, overpower, quell, suppress, overcome, subdue, vanquish, demolish, squelch, defeat.
humiliate (verb)
put down, shame, quash.
pulp (verb)
squash, mash, pulp, bruise.
social (verb)
suppress, oppress.

Other synonyms:

tighten, shellac, age group, Triturate, slaughter, massacre. show up, circle, powder, granulate, crinkle, steamroller, quash, nip, embarrass, clobber. shame, club, engulf, depress, cream, wallop, scrunch, drub, degrade, collection. extinguish, smear, prostrate, punch, wither, annihilate, array. knock out, rub, wrinkle, overwhelm. ruffle, crease. thrash, express. push. crumple
wrinkle, rumple, break down.
beat down.
Other relevant words:
jam, crunch, break down, push, press, overwhelm, mush, suppress, annihilate, beat down, scrunch, prostrate, crowd, squeeze, squelch.

Usage examples for crush

  1. He seems to have thought that, with this force, he should be able at once to crush the rebellion. – The History of England from the Accession of James II. Volume 1 (of 5) by Thomas Babington Macaulay
  2. The teeth take possession of it and crush it. – The Physiology of Taste by Brillat Savarin
  3. Only they crush you at the Orient. – Carnival by Compton Mackenzie