Synonyms for Carrier:


CNN, express, freighter, transmitter, the BBC, cbc, Broadcasting House, vector, abc, transport, IDENT, channel, franchise, CBS, transporter. contributory, actuary, benefit, broker, adjuster, actuarial, assurance, ship, warship, collision damage waiver, comprehensive. motor vehicle, coaster, escort, flier, conveyance, amphibian, diesel, over, runner, personal transporter, machine. defense mechanism, antibody, defense, biosecurity, cross-contamination, contagion, candida, fester, cross infection. dock, delivery, bill of entry, carriage, cargo, freight, bill of lading, consignment. cross-fertilize, cross-fertilization, cloning, clone, chromosome, deoxyribonucleic acid, carry, cross. pedal, chain, mudguard, handlebars, kickstand, dynamo, crossbar, pillion, saddle. a ship that carries airplanes (noun)
flattop, aircraft carrier, warship.
carrier (noun)
postman, skycap, porter, redcap, flattop, coolie, letter carrier, aircraft carrier, toter, attack aircraft carrier, carrier wave, bearer, shipper, vehicle, immune carrier, common carrier, conveyer, mail carrier, mailman, newsboy.
deputy (noun)
messenger (noun)
mailman, courier, envoy, harbinger, delegate, announcer, dispatcher, mediator, messenger, postman, herald.
one who carries or transmits something (noun)
shipper, bearer, courier, mail carrier, messenger, transporter, letter carrier.
sender (noun)
vehicle (noun)

Other synonyms:

CBS, cross-contamination, freighter, motor vehicle, cargo, diesel, Broadcasting House, cross infection, CNN, candida, collision damage waiver, abc, antibody, conveyance, actuary, channel, chromosome, broker, cross-fertilize, defense mechanism, contributory, transporter, cbc, franchise, kickstand, personal transporter, biosecurity, the BBC, IDENT, fester, bill of lading, actuarial, handlebars, pillion, coaster, adjuster, bill of entry, cloning. cross-fertilization, contagion, mudguard, benefit, assurance, crossbar, amphibian, consignment. runner, dynamo, comprehensive, saddle, freight. ship, clone, carriage, vector, flier. delivery, dock, machine, defense. chain. cross. carry. Other relevant words:
pedal, clone, amphibian, conveyance, escort, freight, carrier wave, handlebars, pillion, consignment, express, diesel, coaster, comprehensive, cross-fertilization, runner, warship, broker, contagion, immune carrier, common carrier, cargo, fester, over, cross, chromosome, mudguard, actuary, dynamo, cloning, CBS, cross-fertilize, biosecurity, kickstand, cbc, contributory, IDENT, CNN, letter carrier, cross-contamination, delivery, freighter, bearer, vector, channel, ship, abc, transport, adjuster, carriage, crossbar, flier, assurance, actuarial, attack aircraft carrier, mail carrier, defense, aircraft carrier, carry, saddle, flattop, chain, transmitter, transporter, candida, antibody, benefit, toter, dock, franchise, newsboy, machine.

Usage examples for carrier

  1. He also observed that the most Christian King could not himself speak to Mendoza on the subject before having communicated the matter to the Queen- Mother, but expressed a wish that a special carrier might be forthwith despatched to Spain; for he might be sure that, on an affair of such weight, he would not have permitted himself to reveal the secret wishes of his master, except by his commands. – Project Gutenberg History of The Netherlands, 1555-1623, Complete by John Lothrop Motley
  2. But for Mr. Dunne to have employed the influence of his position as political representative of a common carrier to force the passage of the Change of Venue bill for example, or defeat an effective Direct Primary bill, or the Party Circle bill, or the Judicial Column bill, would have been most reprehensible, for the Southern Pacific Company can have no legitimate interest in any of these measures. – Story of the Session of the California Legislature of 1909 by Franklin Hichborn