Synonyms for Hydroplane:


break down, blindside, accident, bang up, blowout, car crash, broadside, aquaplane, breakdown, collision. canal boat, Bowser, barge, coracle, cabin cruiser, bulk carrier, carrier, boat, canoe, cockleshell. come about, capsize, heel, heave to, go about, cast off, dock, founder, ground. airplane (noun)
bomber, monoplane, dive bomber, glider, airbus, jet fighter, jet, biplane, airliner, cargo plane, helicopter, fighter, airplane.
artifact (noun)
hydroplane (noun)
hydrofoil, seaplane.
racing boat (noun)


motion (verb)

Other synonyms:

come about. founder, go about. cast off. dock, heel. ground. vessel
Other relevant words:
canoe, broadside, founder, barge, blowout, blindside, aquaplane, heel, ground, breakdown, boat, cockleshell, seaplane, Bowser, carrier, dock, accident, coracle, hydrofoil, capsize, collision.

Usage examples for hydroplane

  1. It was not three o'clock when the hydroplane came to the spot the lads had selected to descend. – The Boy Allies at Jutland by Robert L. Drake
  2. As silent as above the bridge in this July, Noiseless, far up in this mirror- lighted sky Wheels aimlessly a hydroplane A man- bestridden dragon fly! – Toward the Gulf by Edgar Lee Masters