Synonyms for Blade:


bud, bulb, bract, beanstalk, aerial root, bur, anther, knife, boll, edge, razor. avionics, ballast, altimeter, flag, lamina, black box, leaf, shoot, AWACS, airfoil, aileron, aerofoil. beam, sharp, amidships, aft, bow, boom, bay, bowsprit, berth, bilge. anchor, buoy, life jacket, flotation device, inboard motor, bollard, life preserver, lifebelt. broomstick, chuck, bristle, claw, butt, the business end, attachment. dag, dresser, dweeb, coxcomb, metrosexual. curling, hockey, ice rink, ice hockey, blading, figure skating, face off, half pipe. blade (noun)
vane, leaf blade.
cutting tool (noun)
knife, edge.
fop (noun)
clotheshorse, dandy, cavalier, fop, gallant, dude, peacock, socialite, swell, blood, beauty, beau.
leaf (noun)
perforator (noun)
punch, tip, point, gouge, puncture, penetrator, arrow, skewer, poker, bit, stick, spike, spear, lance, spur, needle, die, auger, Perforator, bore, thorn, drill.
plant (noun)
leaf blade.
weapon (noun)

Other synonyms:

bract, half pipe, flotation device, boll, bilge, bud, figure skating, beanstalk, metrosexual, bollard, leaf, dag, ice rink, lifebelt, inboard motor, life preserver, aft, life jacket, bow, beam, bowsprit, bristle, amidships, shoot, the business end, anther, coxcomb, aerial root, curling, berth, ballast, blading, bulb. broomstick, dresser, boom, edge, buoy, face off, bay. chuck, butt. anchor. attachment. shaver
Other relevant words:
boom, lamina, claw, attachment, amidships, blading, bulb, hockey, chuck, lifebelt, razor, dweeb, dresser, metrosexual, anchor, dag, aft, sharp, bilge, boll, buoy, bract, coxcomb, altimeter, aileron, edge, bur, broomstick, knife, beam, vane, berth, curling, AWACS, bollard, ballast, leaf blade, anther, shoot, avionics, bud, leaf, bristle, beanstalk, bowsprit, bay, airfoil, aerofoil, bow, flag, butt.

Usage examples for blade

  1. He sat down on the doorstep, with his back to her and his head down, and stuck the blade of his jack- knife into the pine step between his feet. – Stories of the Foot-hills by Margaret Collier Graham
  2. He had to saw and saw back and forth with the dull blade of the knife before he could cut the line. – Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue Playing Circus by Laura Lee Hope
  3. She watched her prankling blade meet the children and go off down the ridge with his son, still not looking back. – The Wrong Twin by Harry Leon Wilson