Synonyms for Pilot:


new (adjective)
innovative, Pioneering, novel, new, fresh, up-to-the-minute, revolutionary, latest.


get behind, nurse, give, support, assist, help out, benefit, get through, help. tool, bail out, anchor, boating, motor, wheel, Ahoy, beach, drive, the America's Cup, move, the Admiral's Cup, canoe, berth. crewman, cabin crew, air traffic control, jockey, aircrew, baggage handler, air traffic controller, engineer. shepherd, route, down, ditch, show, escort, conduct, eject, drop, come down, buzz, bank, usher, airlift, climb. company, leader, crew, cap'n, bosun, docker, buccaneer, conductor, director. chat show, breakfast television, docudrama, documentary, call-in, closed-captioned, broadcast, docusoap, bulletin, feature. put through, try out, sample, crash-test, put someone/something to the test, challenge, try. aeronaut (noun)
spaceman, passenger, copilot, captain, astro-navigator, martian, balloonist, flier, cosmonaut, aviator, alien, airman, rocketeer, aeronaut, astronaut.
guide (noun)
leader, scout, director.
person who guides aircraft, ship, or other vehicle (noun)
jockey, scout, lead, director, guide, aviator, leader, captain, conductor, navigator, flier, aeronaut.
sailor (noun)
helmsman, salt, mate, sailor, barge-man, yeoman, seaman, tar, boater, steersman, boatman, boatswain, ship man, gondolier, ferryman, mariner, navigator.


control (verb)
direct, preside, control, harness, discipline, lead, order, dominate, command, superintend, steer, rule, oversee, administer, execute, supervise, manage, bridle, govern.
navigate (verb)
drift, cruise, float, guide, maneuver.
sail (verb)
boat, sail, ferry, navigate.

Other synonyms:

leader, crash-test. conductor, shepherd, jockey, motor. escort, try out. conduct, usher. put through, tool. try. drive. sample, show. challenge, director. accompany
Other relevant words:
crash-test, escort, drive, tool, conductor, leader, motor, scout, aeronaut, crew, sample, engineer, show, shepherd, usher, try, conduct, jockey, director, canoe, wheel, route.

Usage examples for pilot

  1. When darkness set in Mr. White had reached Roade, but the French pilot was several miles ahead. – The Mastery of the Air by William J. Claxton
  2. And now he finally had a pilot – Caribbee by Thomas Hoover
  3. Spike was a capital pilot – Jack Tier or The Florida Reef by James Fenimore Cooper