Synonyms for Berth:


amidships, bedroom, bilge, boom, bow, aft, bay, bowsprit, beam, deck, blade. bail out, boater, canoe, the Admiral's Cup, employment, profession, beach, boating, Ahoy, the America's Cup, job, anchor. avoid, dockyard, evade, harbour, jetty, anchorage, basin, landing, dock, dry-dock, harbor. appointment, slot, gig. act (noun)
place, spot, position, situation, post, office.
bed (noun)
roll-away bed, crib, double bed, hospital bed, king-size bed, single bed, fold-away bed, bunk bed, cradle, bed, four-poster, sofa bed, hammock, bassinet, queen-size bed, day bed, bunk, cot.
berth (noun)
bunk, post, slip, mooring, situation, moor, moorage, wharf, spot, tie up, place, office, position, built in bed.
harbor (noun)
harbor; bunk (noun)
wharf, cot, anchorage, dock, hammock, slip, jetty, bed, bedroom.
position of responsibility (noun)
spot, office, appointment, place, post, situation, profession, employment, job.

Other synonyms:

beach, bow, amidships, the Admiral's Cup, dockyard, Ahoy, aft, dry-dock, boater, jetty, canoe, job, profession, beam, gig, boating, bowsprit, the America's Cup, bilge. basin, dock, boom, deck, bail out, slot, bay. anchor, landing, blade. harbor. appointment. built-in bed
built in bed.

Usage examples for berth

  1. This is a wet night for such a berth – Shirley by Charlotte Brontë
  2. She's near us, Mr Webster, and thank your stars for a sound berth to- night for that. – The Golden Rock by Ernest Glanville
  3. Of course, everybody wanted to be in a good berth and to cross between the guns; but the idea was to give the vessels such a try out as they would get out to sea- as if they were making a passage in a breeze. – The Seiners by James B. (James Brendan) Connolly