Synonyms for Dresser:


art director, stagehand, stock company, costumier, usherette, prompter, usher, projectionist. coxcomb, dandy, blade, fop, dag, dweeb, clotheshorse, beau, metrosexual. chest of drawers (noun)
cabinet, bureau, highboy, closet.
cupboard (noun)
escritoire, chest of drawers, closet, safe, davenport, chest, Lowboy, kitchen cabinet, shelf, cupboard, chiffonnier, commode, bureau, locker, drawer, cabinet, highboy.
cupboards (noun)
dresser (noun)
chest, dressing table, toilet table, chest of drawers, actor's assistant, bureau, vanity.
dressing table (noun)
toilet table, furniture.
table (noun)
captain's table, round, nightstand, counter, bench, lamp stand, buffet, sideboard, table, desk, console, coffee table, turntable, tea table, bar, dining table, workbench, kitchen table.
toilet (noun)

Other synonyms:

usherette, fop, metrosexual, prompter, costumier, stagehand, dandy, coxcomb, clotheshorse, dag, projectionist, art director. beau, stock company, usher. blade. Other relevant words:
furniture, clotheshorse, toilet table, blade, usherette, beau, fop, usher, projectionist, metrosexual, dag, dressing table, coxcomb, prompter, stagehand, costumier, actor's assistant, vanity, dweeb, hutch, dandy.

Usage examples for dresser

  1. And if you had forgotten to put the salt on the table, you didn't have to get up and go into another room to fetch it; you just reached round and took the big wooden box off the dresser behind you. – The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle by Hugh Lofting
  2. It's on our dresser in the burnt- wood box." – Prudence of the Parsonage by Ethel Hueston
  3. Pondering the matter, perhaps more than it warranted, I turned to the dresser – The Paternoster Ruby by Charles Edmonds Walk