Synonyms for Power:


powerful (adjective)
important, high-powered, influential, autocratic, formidable, dominant, supreme.


experience, talent, gift, proficiency, aptitude. endowment, flash, coax, engage, actuate, flick, skill, crank, capability, eject. automatic, get-up-and-go, go, auxiliary, cordless, automatically, clockwork, action, broken, analog, peppiness, clean, clever, built. peak, let, And, plus, strong, Thew, divide/multiply by, sinew, less, IFF, Potence, minus. oligopoly, greatness, over, monopoly. endurance, athleticism, fitness, resistance, weight, virility. country, oligarchy, federation, magnetism, dictatorship, autarky, protectorate, republic, nation, democracy, monarchy. cycle, flood, backfire, grind, engagement, idle, burn up, cut out. outpace, speed, be quick on your feet, surge, race, fly, hasten, dart, gallop. fuel, biofuel, coal-fired, biogas, gas, burn, fossil fuel, biomass, capacity. ability, competence (noun)
gift, potential, capacity, influence, aptitude, skill, talent, endowment, capability, faculty.
action (noun)
a great deal (noun)
mass, abundance, heap, peck, mountain, pile, sight, profusion, much, big, barrel, lot, world, pack, wealth, plenty.
attribute (noun)
authority (noun)
commission, mastery, punch, powerfulness, license, primacy, mandate, empowerment, title, prerogative, right, superiority, rank, birthright, steam, enfranchisement, authority, faculty, Prepotency, privilege, cogency, purview, kingship, jurisdiction, seniority, entitlement, mightiness, office, prestige, stature, domination, precedence, ascendancy, sovereignty, credential, clout.
command (noun)
discipline, rule, supremacy, grasp, reign, government, prowess, coordination, grip, direction, will, law, management, hold.
control, dominance (noun)
jurisdiction, law, leadership, prerogative, say-so, rule, birthright, sovereignty, management, right, license, supremacy, authority, clout, direction, steam, dominion, hegemony, authorization, domination, privilege, command, predominance, ascendancy, prestige, regency, superiority, sway, warrant.
courage (noun)
energy (noun)
might, effervescence, vim, zing, stamina, potency, spirit, zeal, vigor, spunk, snap, zip, energy, verve, puissance, vivacity, strength, activity, pep, fervor.
force (noun)
duress, coercion, restraint, compulsion.
importance (noun)
influence (noun)
predominance, importance, pull, motivation.
mathematics (noun)
coefficient, geometry, multiplier, integral, formula, multiple, fraction, denominator, trigonometry, minuend, quotient, subtrahend, quadratics, antilogarithm, square root, differential calculus, algorithm, divisor, Multiplicator, multiplicand, calculus, numerator, factor, exponent, radix, dividend, increment, index, modulus, root, cube root, logarithm, algebra, reciprocal, cube, arithmetic.
person (noun)
physical ability, capacity (noun)
force, vigor, vim, might, strength, horsepower, sinew, brawn, muscle, energy, weight, potency, puissance, omnipotence.
power (noun)
propulsion (noun)
regime (noun)
royalty (noun)
ruling (noun)
commanding, powerful, authoritative.
say-so (noun)
strength (noun)
stability, sturdiness, horsepower, stoutness, brawn, toughness, vitality, huskiness, firmness, muscle.
supremacy (noun)
omnipotence, preponderance, dominance.
title (noun)
vigor (noun)
animation, passion, excitement, agitation, gusto, lustiness, eagerness, exuberance, liveliness, agility, relish, fervency, zest, enthusiasm, Ardency, industriousness, sprightliness, friskiness, earnestness.


control (verb)
energize (verb)
empower, charge, invigorate, energize, force, recharge, spark, fire, activate, rouse, revive, drive.
influence (verb)
bias, master, pressure, command, sway, motivate, control, lead, predominate, affect, influence, authorize, prejudice.
invigorate (verb)
animate, agitate, enliven, enthuse, strengthen, excite.

Other synonyms:

greatness, dominance, oligopoly, leadership, monarchy, say-so, IFF, less, carte blanche, Potence, Thew, dominion. let, get-up-and-go, monopoly, peppiness, And, sinew. minus, magnetism. peak. plus. a great deal
heap, sight, wealth, mass, profusion, lot, plenty, abundance, mountain, barrel, world, pack, pile, much.

Usage examples for power

  1. It is some power which has yet to be discovered. – A Maker of History by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  2. We have the power to tax them, and we will tax them. – The Siege of Boston by Allen French
  3. Do you speak to me in that way when I am doing everything in my power to help you in your trouble? – Ayala's Angel by Anthony Trollope