Synonyms for Bicycle:


cycle rickshaw, dirt bike, moped, chopper, Harley Davidson. artifact (noun)
cycle, wheel, bike.
bicycle (noun)
cycle, bike, wheel, pedal.
cycle (noun)
velocipede, mountain bike, three-speed, tricycle, racer, five-speed, ten-speed, stationary bicycle, machine, two-wheeler, tandem, bicycle-built-for-two.
pedal-driven recreational vehicle (noun)
cycle, velocipede, tandem, bike, two-wheeler.
vehicle (noun)
motorcycle, gondola, boxcar, ambulance, bus, automobile, stagecoach, coupe, convertible, conveyance, barge, station wagon, wagon, sedan, limousine, fire engine, jalopy, cab, train, brougham, ship, motorcar, van, car, hearse, tractor, roadster, jeep, sledge, boat, cart, taxicab, taxi, truck, landau, armored car, auto, sled, ferry, vehicle, buggy, coach.


motion (verb)
cycle, bike, wheel, pedal.

Other synonyms:

mountain bike, dirt bike, velocipede, moped, Harley Davidson. chopper. velocipede
Other relevant words:
mountain bike, ten-speed, wheel, tandem, racer, bike, velocipede, five-speed, tricycle, three-speed, cycle, two-wheeler, machine, chopper, moped, pedal.

Usage examples for bicycle

  1. Mrs. Gregg rode hurriedly into the market square on her bicycle while Gallagher was making his confession. – General John Regan 1913 by George A. Birmingham
  2. He had picked up his bicycle from the grass, and stood leaning easily upon it. – The Mating of Lydia by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  3. Queensmead telephoned a description of Ronald to the police stations along the coast, then mounted his bicycle and caught the train at Leyland in order to report the matter to the district headquarters at Durrington. – The Shrieking Pit by Arthur J. Rees