Synonyms for Direction:


area, advancement, place, advance, spot, objective, momentum, history, road, progress, region, development, a giant step/leap/stride, the march of something, maturation. approach, passage, line, injunction, regulation, angle. aspect, exposure, drift, at, in place, alignment. determination, dynamism, aspiration, supervision, drive, perseverance, ambition, superintendence, energy, over, resolve, motivation. governance, cutaway, cutting room, politics, animation, direct, dub in, dub out, dub over, dub, cut. force, monopoly, affect, might, oligopoly, greatness, lead. brief, dictate, terms of reference, directive, commandment, directions, order, demonstration, words, behest, instructions, bidding, Guidelines, word. bearing (noun)
heading, vector, position, location, fix, orientation, bearing, aim.
command (noun)
commission, will, grip, power, charge, grasp, sway, sovereignty, hold, authority, reign, mandate, mastery, supremacy, law, rule, coordination, prowess.
course, route (noun)
aspect, spot, region, orientation, bearing, path, track, way, tendency, proclivity, bent, bias, drift, road, trend, objective, line, angle, inclination, aim, area.
direction (noun)
commission, way, counselling, instruction, charge, counseling, track, route, focus, centering, management, focussing, guidance, steering, focusing, path, counsel, itinerary.
heading (noun)
vector, heading.
instruction (noun)
instructions, instruction.
line (noun)
location (noun)
supervision (noun)
superintendence, regulation.
tendency (noun)
proclivity, leaning, aptness, penchant, affinity, inclination, bias, polarity, course, disposition, tendency, temperament, bent, proneness, grain, predilection, predisposition, tenor, trend, propensity.


order (verb)

Other synonyms:

commandment, directive, dub over, drift, cutaway, dub out, maturation, cutting room, regulation, advancement, governance, animation, dub in, order. aspect, exposure, development, behest, momentum, approach. alignment, passage, history, dub, progress, advance. angle. direct. line, at. word. cut.

Usage examples for direction

  1. Home was a great way in the other direction – Home Again by George MacDonald
  2. For that reason, the direction of the blow suggested Charles as the murderer. – The Shrieking Pit by Arthur J. Rees
  3. The first that appeared, arrived suddenly, while Victoria looked in another direction – The Golden Silence by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson