Synonyms for Execution:


batch, authentication, background processing, artificial intelligence, access time, A-D conversion, ABEND, authoring, alpha test, ai. martyrdom, practice, pursuit, decapitation, shooting, electric chair, conduct. batik, arts and crafts, carving, collage, art form, prosecution, discharge, belles lettres, coloring, ceramics, art, brass rubbing, DO. death warrant, performing arts, execute, reading, death row, rendition, rendering, death sentence, realization, interpretation, behead, the chair, the death penalty. come to, finish with, clear, carry through, get through, call it a day/night, complete, conclude, wrap up. capital punishment (noun)
death sentence.
carrying out of a task (noun)
completion, accomplishment, discharge, performance, implementation, enforcement, prosecution, consummation, achievement, realization, rendering.
cause (noun)
stimulus, source, grounds, drive, compunction, factor, cause, origination, motivator, root, enforcement, mainspring, evocation, generation, determinant, elicitation, force, compulsion, action, provocation, effectuation, inspiration, motive, basis.
completion (noun)
finale, completion, fruition, consummation, termination, climax, fulfillment, culmination, finish, achievement, accomplishment, conclusion, arrival, end.
execution (noun)
homicide, implementation, performance, carrying into action, instruction execution, slaying, carrying out, death penalty, capital punishment, execution of instrument, writ of execution, executing.
interpretation (noun)
killing (noun)
crucifixion, massacre, liquidation, punishment, butchering, elimination, slaying, removal, assassination, hanging, purging, decapitation, extermination, Snuffing, manslaughter, shooting, strangulation, capital punishment, asphyxiation, Dispatching, slaughter.
production (noun)
creation, manufacture, construction, building, formation, production, development, fabrication, making.

Other synonyms:

pursuit, rendering, practice. rendition. reading, prosecution. realization. interpretation. capital punishment
decapitation, capital punishment.
Other relevant words:
conclude, execute, carrying into action, electric chair, performance, practice, rendering, carrying out, executing, shooting, martyrdom, execution of instrument, realization, writ of execution, implementation, instruction execution, death penalty, homicide, rendition, prosecution, complete, DO, reading, capital punishment, art, discharge, decapitation, interpretation, conduct.

Usage examples for execution

  1. I spent all my energy on execution after I had once conceived it. – The Young Man and the World by Albert J. Beveridge
  2. The owner of this cow, nevertheless, still discredited the diseased state of the beast; so to convince him, she was driven off at once to the slaughter- house to be struck down; but, unfortunately, three or four others filled the required area, so that the poor cow was forced to witness the execution of her fellow- creatures before being killed herself. – On the cattle plague: or, Contagious typhus in horned cattle. Its history, origin, description, and treatment by Honoré Bourguignon
  3. Be guided by the nature and the type of your hand rather than by its rapidity of execution – Piano Playing With Piano Questions Answered by Josef Hofmann