Synonyms for Basin:


atomizer, bottle, aerosol, barrel, ampoule, butt, bucket, bath. dockyard, anchorage, jetty, harbour, dock, territory, landing, berth, harbor, dry-dock. dale, glen, sag, pit, arroyo, canyon, gorge, depression, box canyon, gulch, sinkhole, dip, hollow, convex, gulley, concavity, dell. beach, coast, bank, bight, bay, Bund, coastline, cape. douche, dishpan, mudbath, shower, jacuzzi, bidet, hot tub. basin (noun)
sink, washtub, cistern, bathtub, bowl, washstand, lavatory, basinful, tureen, vat, tank, tub, river basin.
container (noun)
tank, vat.
container or area where water is held (noun)
depression, ewer, bowl, dip, pan, sinkhole, tub, hollow, sink, bay, concavity, sag.
depression (noun)
receptacle (noun)
sink (noun)
ewer, pan, container.

Other synonyms:

canyon, bottle, bidet, Bund, hot tub, aerosol, dockyard, barrel, coastline, ampoule, jetty, sinkhole, jacuzzi, dell, box canyon, butt, glen, arroyo, ewer, dishpan, dry-dock, gulch, mudbath, atomizer, dale. coast, anchorage, douche, dock, cape, harbor, gorge, beach, concavity, pit. berth, landing. bath, depression. bank, sag. bay, shower. pail
Other relevant words:
coastline, pan, depression, sinkhole, berth, harbour, gulch, dip, bank, coast, dishpan, bottle, butt, river basin, mudbath, arroyo, dockyard, glen, atomizer, shower, container, basinful, bay, jetty, Bund, concavity, anchorage, sag, barrel, dale, harbor, ampoule, lavatory, bidet, jacuzzi, ewer, bucket, pit, douche, dell, washstand, bath, hollow, landing, dock.

Usage examples for basin

  1. Soon after my master poured it out into the cat's basin and set it to be filled again. – Trial-of-Mary-Blandy by Roughead, William
  2. Place the flour and salt in a basin in another basin beat up the egg, add the milk, then pour on to the flour, stirring well all the time, and lastly add the butter, which should have been previously dissolved. – New Vegetarian Dishes by Mrs. Bowdich
  3. Pouring water into the basin he proceeded to wash his hands. – The Call of the Canyon by Zane Grey