Synonyms for Facility:


gift, prowess. component, peculiarity, nature, property, factor, feature, plant, aspect, quality, facet. apartment, ballroom, checkroom, coatroom, department, means, bathroom, clubhouse, office, amenity, coat check, bureau, auditorium, cloakroom, chamber. easy, W.C., water closet, porta potty, lavatory, Facilities, facileness, commode, the john, latrine. fluidity. comfort. ability (noun)
resourcefulness, talent, capability.
amenity (noun)
convenience, quality.
art (noun)
expertise, craft, know-how, mastery, ingenuity, inventiveness.
artifact (noun)
artifice (noun)
deftness, finesse, ability.
attribute (noun)
bent (noun)
genius, gift, flair.
capability (noun)
art, cunning.
capacity (noun)
convenience (noun)
appliance, amenity, means, tool, comfort, equipment.
cunning (noun)
deviousness, sly, slipperiness, wariness, ingenuity, slickness, subtlety, art, snakiness, guile.
ease; ability (noun)
smoothness, knack, readiness, aptitude, proficiency, dexterity, competence, efficiency, adroitness, skill, fluency, quickness, effortlessness, wit.
fluidity (noun)
instrument (noun)
device, doodad, implement, contraption, equipment, engine, appliance, contrivance, instrument, gimcrack, widget, machine, apparatus, gadget, tool, gizmo, utility, gimmick, utensil, convenience.
knowledge (noun)
method (noun)
place of business (noun)
skill (noun)
dexterity, knack, experience, aptitude, competence, mastery, deftness, adeptness, ability, adroitness, technique, know-how, cunning, talent, proficiency, artfulness, craft, flair, skill, capability, expertise, acuity, genius.
speed (noun)
wit (noun)
foxiness, ingeniousness, trickiness, urbanity, wiliness, comedy, humor, Canniness, inventiveness, drollness, craftiness, slyness, Cunningness, irony, astuteness, scintillation, Subtleness, cleverness, finesse, wit, sophistry, brilliance, resourcefulness, sharpness, scurrility, intellect, shrewdness, quickness.

Other synonyms:

fluidity, facileness, amenity. Other relevant words:
department, lavatory, comfort, office, readiness, installation, amenity, fluidity, plant, gift, bathroom, means, facileness, prowess, bureau, Facilities.

Usage examples for facility

  1. He had begun late, and found many difficulties in spite of his great natural facility – The Martian by George Du Maurier
  2. Each effort resulted in a greater facility of utterance, and soon the joy of triumph began to inspire him. – The Redemption of David Corson by Charles Frederic Goss