Synonyms for Trouble:


pound, ache, suffer, stifle. trials and tribulations, baggage. infection, epidemic, contagion. strife, where has someone/something gotten to?, what's gotten into someone?, do with, anyway, turmoil, just, how, riot, what (has) happened to something, what has/will become of, kindly, keep. feud, wrong, iniquity, immorality, argument, fight, depravity, decadence, excess, sin, villainy, evil, enormity. exigency, worst-case scenario, hot water, battle, Exigence, nightmare. crash, fault, quagmire, dilemma, soup, breakdown, jam, hot spot, shutdown, corner, easy, failure, dutch, box, deep water, spot, scrape, fix, pickle, gremlin. elbow grease, unsettle, struggle, tear apart, while, work, endeavor, effort, strain, exertion, alarm, weigh on, striving, frighten. adversity (noun)
hard luck, bane, trial, curse, hardship, disaster, peril, destitution, casualty, tribulation, poorness, tragedy, adversity, mishap, misadventure, misery, grief, rainy day, affliction, agony, catastrophe, hard times, misfortune, contretemps, burden, poverty, difficulty, bad luck, infliction, distress, dolor, torment, ordeal, woe, calamity, blight.
aggravation (noun)
bedevilment, indignation, inflammation, exasperation, scorn, perturbation, provocation, enragement, arousal, virulence, vexation, pique, ire, discomposure, petulance, resentment, exacerbation, annoyance, aggravation, harassment, disturbance, irritation.
annoyance, worry (noun)
disorder, spot, woe, grief, vexation, disturbance, pain, strife, pest, scrape, predicament, nuisance, strain, pickle, difficulty, struggle, hot water, stress, task, mess, problem, misfortune, bind, hindrance, inconvenience, puzzle, dilemma, tribulation, disquiet, irritation, torment, bother, distress.
bad health (noun)
ailment, upset, malady, affliction, curse, failure, disease.
cognition (noun)
illness (noun)
malady, disease, ailment.
predicament (noun)
deep water.
something requiring great effort (noun)
exertion, hardship, work, worry, trial, effort, while, fuss.
trouble (noun)
cark, fuss, hassle, disquiet, trouble oneself, inconvenience oneself, problem, disoblige, bother, worry, unhinge, perturb, incommode, difficulty, pain, put out, disorder, ail, afflict, distract, discommode, inconvenience.


aggravate (verb)
badger, irritate, vex, chafe, upset, bother, grate, peeve, harass, irk, hassle, fret, nag, harry, antagonize, perturb, disturb, needle, pester, exacerbate, inflame, exasperate, aggravate, discompose, enrage, infuriate, arouse, tease, bait, envenom, rankle, annoy, bedevil.
agitate (verb)
shiver, churn, shake, jolt, palpitate, stir, quaver, shudder, jar, twitch, fluster, quake, disquiet, quiver, agitate.
bother, worry (verb)
ail, harass, disoblige, burden, irk, perturb, afflict, discommode, agitate, pester, irritate, discompose, annoy, plague, disturb, put out, vex, fret, harry.
derange (verb)
confuse, ruffle, scramble, disorganize, confound, capsize, rumple, tamper, roil, jumble, ferment, tousle, whip, clutter, dishevel, swirl, dislocate, mislay, mess, disorder, scatter, muss, disarrange, rummage, tumble, displace, meddle, botch, blur, derange, ripple, muddle, toss, roughen, whisk, hash, mix up, convulse, misplace.

Other synonyms:

elbow grease, embarrass, striving, Incommodity, shutdown, dutch, effort, suffer, pound, hot water, deep water, nightmare, nuisance, hot spot, Exigence, incommodiousness. crisis, predicament, pest, plight, stifle, struggle, dilemma, box, exigency, disadvantage, baggage, soup, jam, discomfort. battle, endeavor, breakdown, exertion, pickle. ache, scrape, quagmire, strain, while. spot, fault. case, bind, stress, corner. fix. agitate
weigh on.
Other relevant words:
riot, disadvantage, put out, fuss, incommode, unsettle, nuisance, turmoil, disoblige, worry, discommode, inconvenience, discomfort, pest, afflict.

Usage examples for trouble

  1. That there were two of them did not trouble him. – Parrot & Co. by Harold MacGrath
  2. That's your trouble father. – Witness For The Defence by A.E.W. Mason
  3. She was in such trouble to- day. – Lady Maude's Mania by George Manville Fenn