Synonyms for Brilliance:


clarity, intuition, judgment, wisdom, intelligence, radiance, fire, common sense, vision, luminosity, reason. good, flicker, twinkle, inspiration. gorgeousness, resplendence, resplendency, sumptuousness, beautiful, glory, glitz. attribute (noun)
blaze, glare.
beauty (noun)
brightness (noun)
glow, glitter, luster, blaze, radiance, shine, sparkle, luminosity.
brilliance (noun)
glare, genius, grandness, blaze, magnificence, splendor, splendour, grandeur.
genius (noun)
inventiveness, intelligence, cleverness, inspiration, wisdom.
light (noun)
glitter, glint, beam, luster, illumination, radiation, luminousness, lucidity, sparkle, shine, flash, light, incandescence, brightness, glow, blaze, gleam.
splendor (noun)
grandeur, magnificence, resplendence, glory, resplendency, grandness.
wit (noun)
facility, intellect, comedy, foxiness, inventiveness, shrewdness, scurrility, sophistry, quickness, urbanity, finesse, drollness, Canniness, slyness, sharpness, Subtleness, Cunningness, irony, cleverness, deftness, adroitness, resourcefulness, humor, ingeniousness, scintillation, wit, artfulness, craftiness, astuteness, trickiness, wiliness.

Other synonyms:

intelligence, common sense, reason, resplendency, resplendence, gorgeousness, glitz, judgment, intuition. luminosity, wisdom, vision. inspiration. fire. brightness
glory, splendor.
Other relevant words:
glitz, judgment, glory, clarity, twinkle, radiance, resplendency, inspiration, magnificence, reason, luminosity, splendour, flicker, good, intuition, grandness, resplendence, vision, grandeur, glare, gorgeousness, genius, sumptuousness, splendor, intelligence, fire, wisdom, beautiful.

Usage examples for brilliance

  1. Her shoulders had grown wider, and the blonde head and scarlet lips had gained a summer brilliance and beauty. – Muslin by George Moore
  2. For the brilliance of its social life there were several reasons. – The Colonial Architecture of Philadelphia by Frank Cousins Phil M. Riley