Synonyms for Means:


bond, channel, change, blood money, cash flow, auspices, bankroll, budget, mechanism, method, organ, power, organization, system, appropriation, bailout, amount, bounty. tactic, procedure, technique, basis. act (noun)
way, agency.
agency (noun)
lieutenancy, agency, instrumentality, medium, vehicle, empowerment, conductor, machinery, deputation, proxy, instrument, delegation.
means (noun)
substance, agency, way.
method (noun)
of course (noun)
yes, surely, yes indeed, certainly.
possession (noun)
resource (noun)
Resources, reserve, revenue, expedients, wherewithal, capital, stock-in-trade.
resources (noun)
revenues, reserves, stocks in trade.
way, method (noun)
power, tactic, instrumentality, machinery, mechanism, agency, auspices, medium, system, channel, organ, vehicle, technique, instrument, organization.
wealth (noun)
substance, property, wealth.
wealth, resources (noun)
reserves, wherewithal, property, budget, revenue, bankroll, capital, substance.


intends (verb)
wishes, considers, chooses, intends, proposes, aims, plans, expects, endeavors, minds, resolves, schemes.
means (verb)
denotes, signifies, indicates, explains, implies, describes, connotes, defines.

Other synonyms:

organ, budget. procedure, wealth, mechanism, tactic, technique, method. system, basis. channel.

Usage examples for means

  1. What are her means now? – Monsieur Cherami by Charles Paul de Kock
  2. I do not know what all your talk means – Footsteps of Fate by Louis Couperus