Synonyms for Quickness:


agility. dispatch, hustle, fast, expeditiousness, expedition. ability, Dexterousness, Agileness, nimbleness, dexterity. cunning (noun)
ingenuity, mastery, subtlety, deviousness, guile, skill, sly, wariness, slickness, snakiness, slipperiness, art, smoothness, cunning.
haste (noun)
feverishness, fleetness, swiftness, bustle, fastness, flurry, impatience, urgency, haste, Speediness, hurriedness, abruptness, rapidity, briskness.
quickness (noun)
facility, mental quickness, deftness, quick-wittedness, celerity, adroitness, adeptness, rapidity.
speed (noun)
dispatch, celerity, pace, impetus, briskness, alacrity, facility, gallop, rapidity, rush, expedition, hurry, speed, dexterity, velocity.
suddenness (noun)
flash, suddenness, heartbeat, twinkling, instantaneousness, immediacy, trice.
swiftness (noun)
agility, speed, haste, fleetness, celerity.
wit (noun)
artfulness, facility, irony, trickiness, humor, shrewdness, craftiness, urbanity, Cunningness, drollness, deftness, wiliness, slyness, resourcefulness, sharpness, wit, ingeniousness, finesse, scintillation, adroitness, sophistry, comedy, scurrility, cleverness, Canniness, foxiness, brilliance, intellect, astuteness, inventiveness, Subtleness.

Other synonyms:

Agileness, expeditiousness, Dexterousness. ability, nimbleness. dexterity. expedition. dispatch. nimbleness
Other relevant words:
dispatch, expedition, quick-wittedness, agility, dexterity, expeditiousness, mental quickness, Agileness, fast, Dexterousness, hustle, ability, nimbleness, adeptness.

Usage examples for quickness

  1. For a moment the crowd was stunned by the lightning quickness of it all. – Christmas Eve on Lonesome and Other Stories by John Fox, Jr.
  2. " Her quickness saved all our lives," Guy said. – At Agincourt by G. A. Henty
  3. After the performance of each trick, he asked leave to time himself by looking at his watch; being anxious to discover if he had lost his customary quickness of execution through recent neglect of the necessary practice. – The Guilty River by Wilkie Collins