Synonyms for Engine:


address book, application software, application, authoring software, accounting package, generator, autoresponder, automatic recovery program, alpha version, motor, beta version, dynamo, backup utility. bogie, cable car, buffet, carriage, baggage car, caboose, berth, boxcar, cab, car. foul, flooded, turbine, drive, throttle, Two-cycle, liter, horsepower, rich. causes (noun)
cause, influence, culprit, trigger, base, occasion, catalyst, contributor, impetus, source.
device that drives a machine (noun)
contrivance, instrument, generator, turbine, apparatus, motor, appliance, dynamo, implement, tool.
engine (noun)
locomotive engine, railway locomotive, locomotive.
instrument (noun)
gizmo, implement, appliance, tool, doodad, widget, facility, machine, gadget, gimmick, utility, gimcrack, utensil, contrivance, equipment, contraption, device, instrument, convenience, apparatus.
locomotive (noun)

Other synonyms:

turbine, Two-cycle, horsepower. flooded, liter. throttle. rich. foul. drive. Other relevant words:
caboose, carriage, flooded, horsepower, turbine, application, rich, dynamo, culprit, bogie, berth, contributor, autoresponder, boxcar, impetus, occasion, railway locomotive, influence, buffet, cab, motor, locomotive engine, cause, generator, trigger, liter, source, Two-cycle, drive, catalyst, base, car, foul, throttle, locomotive.

Usage examples for engine

  1. Stevenson, who invented the steam- engine was not a college man. – The Young Man and the World by Albert J. Beveridge
  2. But we've got to get Davis out of that engine room the first thing we do. – The Boy Allies Under the Sea by Robert L. Drake