Synonyms for Barrel:


ampoule, atomizer, bath, basin, aerosol. speed, charge, hasten, race, gallop, dart, be quick on your feet, fly, surge, outpace. cupful, level, mug, carton, glassful, glass. diesel, gasoline, gas, black gold, fuel, crude, benzene, high-octane, gasohol. bayonet, calibre, chamber, hammer, gauge, bore, clip, caliber. a great deal (noun)
lot, big, mass, sight, power, pack, pile, world, wealth, much, abundance, mountain, heap, plenty, profusion.
artifact (noun)
cask, gun barrel.
barrel (noun)
cask, drum, bbl, gun barrel, barrelful.
cask (noun)
container (noun)
shelf, cask, locker, decanter, drum, case, bag, bucket, repository, bladder, drawer, jug, chest, pocket, box, wallet, purse, can, flask, ladle, trunk, vat, cup, tank, belly, cupboard, pouch, vault, jar, holder, reservoir, suitcase, sack, closet, crate, stomach, cabinet, bin, tray, storage, bottle, receptacle, container, basket, bowl.
cylinder (noun)
column, cylinder.
cylindrical container (noun)
drum, tub, hogshead, cask, firkin, cylinder, butt, pipe, keg, tun, vat, vessel, receptacle.
shape (noun)

Other synonyms:

ampoule, calibre, gasohol, gasoline, black gold, basin, benzene, aerosol, carton, atomizer, glassful, butt. bath, caliber, dart, high-octane, fuel, bayonet, diesel, bore. glass, hasten. gauge, mug. crude, chamber, gas. clip, hammer. fly. level. a great deal
mass, pack, world, much, abundance, plenty, profusion, power, mountain, lot, pile, wealth, heap, sight.

Usage examples for barrel

  1. Now Ollinger stepped into the other room and got his double- barrel shot gun. – History of 'Billy the Kid' by Chas. A. Siringo
  2. Lock, stock and barrel they were all to go. – In the Mayor's Parlour by J. S. (Joseph Smith) Fletcher
  3. He asked no question but threw up his gun- barrel and fired again. – Man to Man by Jackson Gregory