Synonyms for Agent:


agent (adjective)
deputy, vice.


administrator, account executive, capitalist, boss, cause, baron. filibuster, organ, instrumentality, instrumentation, mechanism, the House, the Commons, the House of Lords, the House of Commons, Benches, dispatch box, backbench, the Budget, mean. double agent, collaborator, counterintelligence, espionage, industrial espionage, investigate, collaborate, collaboration, spook, bug. assemblyman, chief minister, alderman, assemblywoman, chief executive, cabinet minister, alderwoman, chancellor, chancellor of the exchequer. material, powder, stuff, matter, solid, concentrate, wax, substance. agent (noun)
ombudsman, agentive role, commissioner, liaison, actor, federal agent, mediator, agency, vehicle, broker, impresario, executor, intermediary, factor, instrument, operative.
assistant (noun)
abettor, adjunct, attendant, stooge, functionary, menial, accessory, acolyte, minion, Aider, subordinate, flunky, employee, helpmate, backer, second, extra, follower, benefactor, hireling, laborer, ancillary, proxy, aide-de-camp, lieutenant, henchman, accomplice, associate, junior, helper, chaperone, servant, attorney, patsy, aide, underling, assistant, auxiliary, partner, deputy.
causes (noun)
catalyst, trigger, base, contributor, occasion, culprit, source, impetus, influence.
consignee (noun)
ambassador, consignee, licensee, addressee, trustee, attache, nominee, go-between, appointee, assignee, envoy, messenger, broker, representative, middleman, acceptor, delegate, receiver.
delegate (noun)
stand in.
deputy (noun)
emissary, spokeswoman, spokesman, alternate, backup, double, ghost, stand in, substitute, commissary, figurehead, arm, dummy, token, understudy, surrogate, mouthpiece.
diplomat (noun)
fastener (noun)
cotter, suture, binder, knitting, chain, bond, link, spike, cleat, glue, clamp, rabbet, twine, snap, stitch, string, tack, hinge, cement, clip, catch, Vinculum, fastener, coupling, rivet, band, hasp, guy, mucilage, brad, bonding, cinch, button, braid, hawser, staple, splice, nail, weld, skewer, thread, paste, stay, tie, fastening, strap, brace, ligament, connector, buckle, grapnel, belt, binding, cincture, lock, bracket, latch, lace, closure, vise, anchor, fuse, hook, bolt, zipper, clinch, medium, knot, pin, hitch, seal, clasp.
means (noun)
merchant (noun)
jobber, exporter, salesman, salesclerk, trader, vendor, monger, salesperson, businesswoman, distributor, shopkeeper, floorwalker, dealer, saleswoman, storekeeper, businessman, seller, supplier, marketer, merchandizer, merchant, caterer, wholesaler, businessperson, importer, retailer.
power, instrument for achievement (noun)
vehicle, medium, cause, organ.
servant (noun)
help, aid, volunteer, peon, serf, subject, hand, pawn, helping hand, chattel, worker, vassal.
spokesperson (noun)
substitute (noun)

Other synonyms:

collaborator, assemblywoman, administrative assistant, alderman, double agent, powder, cabinet minister, industrial espionage, account executive, factotum, espionage, the House of Commons, steward, dispatch box, instrumentation, collaboration, chief executive, filibuster, counterintelligence, administrator, assemblyman, chief minister, the House of Lords, concentrate, alderwoman, advance person, diplomat, backbench, the House, baron, chancellor, capitalist, the Commons. instrumentality, boss, tool, substance, wax, mechanism. matter, bug, base, spook, ally. spy, material. stuff, solid. organ. mean. appointee
poll taker

Usage examples for agent

  1. We're going to have to send an agent in there. – Psichopath by Gordon Randall Garrett