Synonyms for Outlook:


inclination, behavior, human nature, spirit, disposition, schtick, instinct, conduct. possibility, risk, foresee, likelihood, forecast, promise, probability, prophecy, opportunity, premonition, presentiment, foretell, predict, precognition. angle, perspective, vantage, standpoint, point of view, eye, backdrop. position, stance, posture, attitude. future, hope. prediction, projection, prognostication, foresight. awareness, overlook. see. act (noun)
beliefs (noun)
chance (noun)
future (noun)
outlook (noun)
expectation, mind-set, prospect, mindset, lookout, mentality.
point of view (noun)
perspective, angle, vision, standpoint, mind-set, viewpoint, scope, attitude.
prediction (noun)
forecast, prognostication.
probable future (noun)
opportunity, expectation, risk, probability, likelihood, prospect, possibility, forecast.
scene, view (noun)
lookout, sight.
vantage (noun)
vision (noun)
perception, inspection, Witnessing, sight, discernment, seeing, viewpoint, eyesight, observation, watching, vision, regarding.


hope (verb)

Other synonyms:

prognostication, human nature. behavior, prediction, schtick, standpoint, instinct, point of view. disposition, position, vantage, stance, projection, inclination, future. posture. overlook. conduct. eye, spirit. point of view
state of mind
Other relevant words:
mentality, mindset, position, posture, prediction, projection, possibility, attitude, inclination, mind-set, hope, perspective, overlook, point of view, scope, opportunity, prophecy, prospect, disposition, spirit, standpoint, risk, likelihood, probability, future, foresight, lookout, prognostication, vantage, eye, angle, stance, expectation, promise, forecast.

Usage examples for outlook

  1. Not a word of the freshet; of the frightful loss; of the change of plans for the summer; of the weeks of delay and the uncertain financial outlook – Peter A Novel of Which He is Not the Hero by F. Hopkinson Smith
  2. To her, whose mental outlook had had in it so little humour, it seemed suddenly that the whole of life was ridiculous. – Virginia by Ellen Glasgow