Synonyms for Carapace:


blowhole, anatomy, arm, antler, capsule, belly, body, anatomical, bony. posture, inclination, conduct, schtick, instinct, spirit, disposition, behavior, outlook, human nature. animal (noun)
shell, cuticle.
carapace (noun)
shell, cuticle.
shell (noun)
casing, Lorication, case, husk, shell, crust, sheathing, sheath, plate, armor, hull.
skin (noun)
sheathing, shell, casing, sheath.

Other synonyms:

antler, bony, anatomical. capsule, blowhole. arm, belly, anatomy. Other relevant words:
anatomy, bony, anatomical, cuticle, armor, antler, capsule.

Usage examples for carapace

  1. According to age, the color of the creature varies from yellowish to black;- the younger ones often have several different tints; the old ones are uniformly jet- black, and have a carapace of surprising toughness,- difficult to break. – Two Years in the French West Indies by Lafcadio Hearn