Synonyms for Chance:


accidental (adjective)
fatal, coincidental, purposeless, casual, haphazard, accidental, fluky, random, fortuitous, unintentional, causeless, fortunate, adventitious, aimless, study at random, lucky.
accidental, unforeseeable (adjective)
fluky, casual, fortunate, unintentional, lucky, adventitious, unplanned, fortuitous.
all (adjective)
chancy (adjective)
speculative, uncertain, fluky, hit-or-miss, causeless, aimless, hazardous, haphazard, random, coin toss, lucky, risky, potluck, accidental.
unnecessary (adjective)


impromptu, by accident, spontaneous, involuntary, arbitrary, coincidental, instinctive. choice, attempt, try, window of opportunity, Possibilities, access, the initiative, scope. odds, run the risk (of something), dare, likely, throw/cast caution to the wind(s), live dangerously. surprise, plunge into, rush into, stumble into, drift, tumble into, happen to do something, happenchance, fall into, plunge in, improvise. occasion, shot, opening. bump into, tumble on, meet up with. study at random. contingency (noun)
gamble, risk (noun)
bet, venture, try.
possibility, probability (noun)
liability, wager, opening, opportunity, scope, shot, occasion, likelihood, odds.
probability (noun)
likelihood, proneness, probability, possibility, aptness, liability, plausibility.
state (noun)


chance (verb)
hazard, wager, venture, speculate, bet, gamble, risk.
happen (verb)
bump, luck.
risk, endanger (verb)
attempt, speculate.

Other synonyms:

potentiality, window of opportunity, rush into, happenchance, dare, fortuitousness, sporting chance. arbitrary, occasion, coincidental. improvise, threat, scope. choice, shot, odds, promise. drift, opening, future. take a chance

Usage examples for chance

  1. Mother thinks so, and I'm not going to give up being nice to her if I get a chance – A Dear Little Girl at School by Amy E. Blanchard
  2. Well, it wuzn't but a day or two after that that he had a chance to see if he had eyes. – Around the World with Josiah Allen's Wife by Marietta Holley