Synonyms for Brain:


common sense, vision, intuition, wisdom, clarity, gray matter. scholar, mensa, artful dodger, egghead, polymath, quick study, intellectual, sage. batter, smack, thump, be preoccupied by, think about obsessively, stun, haunt, punch, be fixated on, HIT, beat, occupy, beat up, bludgeon. brainstem, brain damage, brain death, cerebral, cerebellum, brain cell, cerebral cortex, central nervous system, brainwave. giblets, Brains, chitterlings, sweetbread, smart, ability, tripe, liver, kidney. body (noun)
brain (noun)
mentality, genius, mastermind, learning ability, nous, mental capacity, head, wit, mind, brainpower, encephalon, psyche.
brainpower (noun)
mental capacity.
intellect (noun)
capacity, mind, reason, understanding, brain-power, rationality, intellect, mentality, thought, thinking, cerebration, intelligence, reasoning, comprehension.
intellectual (noun)
intelligence (noun)
mind, brainpower.
mind, intelligence (noun)
encephalon, mentality, head, wit, cerebellum, gray matter.
very smart person (noun)
intellectual, genius, scholar, sage, mastermind, egghead, intellect.

Other synonyms:

central nervous system, gray matter, cerebral cortex, artful dodger, mensa, cerebellum, polymath, brainstem, egghead, brain damage, quick study. brain cell, cerebral, brainwave. sage. intellectual. Other relevant words:
brainwave, head, tripe, batter, gray matter, smart, cerebellum, punch, sweetbread, sage, wit, intuition, genius, brainstem, giblets, psyche, clarity, HIT, kidney, intellectual, ability, Brains, nous, mental capacity, mensa, chitterlings, brainpower, smack, wisdom, beat, thump, bludgeon, haunt, polymath, occupy, common sense, cerebral, liver, egghead, central nervous system, learning ability, stun, cerebral cortex, mastermind, scholar, vision, encephalon.

Usage examples for brain

  1. That's where their brain is!" – Survival Tactics by Al Sevcik
  2. But it's been known to turn the brain when the brain doesn't happen to be strong. – Back To Billabong by Mary Grant Bruce
  3. My brain was not clear. – Who Goes There? by Blackwood Ketcham Benson