Synonyms for Regard:


credit, recognition, acclaim, compliment, a pat on the back, brownie points. appreciation, favor, consideration, interest, opinion, sympathy, check on, value, look around. concerned, awareness, eye, survey, focused, attention span, scrutinize, alert, fixated, under someone's critical eye, attentive, observant, attention. hive off, compartmentalize, deem, account, sentimentalize, associate, perspective, isolate, go by, muse. enjoy, praise, greeting, gesundheit, bless you, get well (soon), may someone rest in peace, have a good/nice something, a plague on someone. affection (noun)
devotion, affection, friendship, fondness, warmth, liking, feeling, love, sentiment, attachment, tenderness.
affection, good opinion (noun)
devotion, honor, consideration, attachment, homage, account, veneration, respect, reverence, sympathy, favor, deference, love, opinion, value, fondness, esteem, appreciation, liking, thought.
as to (noun)
concerning, with regard to, about, regarding.
attention (noun)
notice, once-over, concern, consideration, thought, scrutiny.
cognition (noun)
companionship (noun)
feeling (noun)
love (noun)
regard (noun)
affect, attentiveness, involve, consider, wish, gaze, esteem, view, reckon, respect, see, compliments, heed, paying attention.
respect (noun)
homage, veneration, reverence, honor, respect, deference, esteem, admiration.
thought (noun)


believe, judge (verb)
reckon, revere, deem, consider, admire.
judge (verb)
perception (verb)
respect (verb)
defer, venerate, admire, revere.

Other synonyms:

compliment, attention span, attentive, acclaim, sentimentalize, attention, observant, focused, brownie points, isolate. credit, recognition, compartmentalize, praise. scrutinize. concerned, notice, alert, muse, associate, appreciation, go by. account. interest. heed
paying attention.
look at
watch, view.

Usage examples for regard

  1. I have some regard left for the idea of her- the thing she is not! – Home Again by George MacDonald
  2. If you've any regard for me- if you want to make me happy, eat that. – Colorado Jim by George Goodchild
  3. " Start me right in regard to your father, Worth," I urged anxiously. – The Million-Dollar Suitcase by Alice MacGowan Perry Newberry