Synonyms for Project:


assess, prove, count, add up. chant, bellow, roar, cry out, planned, yell, idea, schema, blueprint, strategy, rage, cry, shout, game plan, call out, layout, scream. area, brownfield, armpit, work, agora, cabbagetown, block, borough, barrio, burbs, cantonment. point, direct. map out, finalize, think ahead, fix, organize, dream up, arrange, draw up, orchestrate. rate, tend, bristle with, wear, possess, grow in, seem. Child Labor, consultancy, desk job, cover, dead-end job, calling, baby, busywork, day job. suppose, visualization, think up, imagine, daydream, read into, have visions of (doing) something, contemplate. hold up, produce, present, exhibit, trot out, yield up, wheel out, display. act (noun)
labor, undertaking, task.
cognition (noun)
course of action (noun)
endeavor (noun)
approach, action, attempt, commitment, gambit, enterprise, proceeding, performance, exploit, adventure, essay, production, endeavor, job, engagement, contract, aim, effort, purpose, maneuver, assay, undertaking, deed, venture.
intention (noun)
project (noun)
envision, labor, see, projection, jut, plan, send off, externalise, throw, visualize, contrive, propose, design, cast, fancy, protrude, picture, image, task, figure, jut out, stick out, externalize, visualise, undertaking.
sticking out (noun)
bulging, overhang, stick up, protuberant, prominent.
undertaking, work (noun)
affair, activity, game plan, baby, exploit, task, design, job, adventure, strategy, feat, aim, scheme, blueprint, venture, enterprise, plan.
venture (noun)
procedure, feat, task, initiative, scheme, campaign, activity, affair, pursuit.


bulge, hang out (verb)
overhang, stick out, protrude, jut.
plan (verb)
propose, imagine, see, visualize, cast, map out, image, contrive, purpose, envision, arrange, contemplate.
propel (verb)
cant, flick, precipitate, drive, fire, ram, compel, fling, prod, pitch, toss, shunt, pelt, push, sling, impel, launch, bunt, catapult, cast, propel, chuck, lob, hurl, butt, shove, thrust, heave, throw, bowl, goad.
throw, discharge (verb)
heave, launch, propel, hurl, fling, pitch.

Other synonyms:

add up, schema, assess. count, layout, overhang, organize, arrange, strategy, game plan. blueprint, work, direct. contemplate. point, idea. bulge
stick out.
jut out, stick up, protrude.
send off
sticking out
prominent, stick up, protuberant, bulging.
Other relevant words:
jut, prominent, labor, stick up, schema, envision, image, present, assess, direct, map out, figure, busywork, bulging, plan, stick out, contrive, draw up, arrange, visualise, overhang, contemplate, design, strategy, propose, fancy, point, externalize, see, baby, layout, imagine, jut out, work, protrude, shout, think up, projection, visualize, organize, send off, idea, externalise, picture, blueprint, protuberant, game plan.

Usage examples for project

  1. We've found out some things about Project 'Saucer, ' said Purdy. – The Flying Saucers are Real by Donald Keyhoe