Synonyms for Disposition:


allotment, issue, release, provision, allocation, handover, supply, presentation, delivery. check, chronology, column, be, argyle, articulation, temper, coloration, arabesque, humor, complexion. outlook, conduct, schtick, makeup, spirit, human nature, behavior, posture. like, squint, cast, approach, partiality, turn. classification, grouping, organization, order, categorization, distribution, sequence, lineup, deployment. act (noun)
arrangement (noun)
order, distribution, settlement, organization.
arrangement, management of a situation (noun)
direction, grouping, placement, organization, classification, distribution, sequence, order, disposal.
attribute (noun)
bent (noun)
categorization (noun)
character (noun)
kind, nature, personality, individuality, class, description, stature, peculiarity, character, repute, reputation.
disposition (noun)
inclination, disposal, tendency, temperament.
habit (noun)
routine, instinct, tendency, habit, tradition, way of life, second nature, temperament, wont, acclimation, mannerism, conventionality, rut, addiction, regularity, Familiarity, trait, custom, treadmill, daily grind, fixed ways, leaning.
lineup (noun)
order (noun)
personal temperament (noun)
leaning, inclination, bias, cast, proclivity, personality, temper, individuality, nature, penchant, complexion, bent, predisposition, character, propensity, tendency, proneness, tenor, spirit, mood, predilection, habit, humor.
situation (noun)
mode, modality, quality, configuration, placement, environment, position, condition, state, property, layout, aspect, situation, scene, circumstance, post, formation, station, ambience, site, arrangement, standing, spot, status, style, location.
state of mind (noun)
temper, mood.
temperament (noun)
temper, mood.
tendency (noun)
inclination, course, predilection, grain, trend, predisposition, direction, polarity, bias, tenor, proclivity, penchant, propensity, proneness, aptness, bent, affinity.

Other synonyms:

deployment, human nature, mood, outlook, categorization, classification, grouping. lineup, posture, distribution, behavior, organization, schtick. makeup, sequence, complexion. partiality, conduct. arrangement
state of mind
Other relevant words:
coloration, partiality, organization, humor, order, complexion, categorization, column, allocation, be, squint, allotment, argyle, makeup, like, spirit, approach, distribution, articulation, handover, lineup, classification, outlook, issue, provision, supply, cast, disposal, schtick, delivery, check, release, presentation, temper, conduct, settlement, behavior, arabesque, deployment, turn, posture, mood, grouping, chronology, sequence.

Usage examples for disposition

  1. " Sent by some one with a nice disposition – The After House by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  2. Was it from a disposition fond of change, or to procure new masters? – Essays on the Constitution of the United States by Paul Leicester Ford
  3. But though he was such a sweet disposition and easy to mind, he was dretful easy led away by temptation, and other boys. – Sweet Cicely Or Josiah Allen as a Politician by Josiah Allen's Wife (Marietta Holley)