Synonyms for Bargain:


cheap (adjective)
cheap, budget, competitive, at cost, on sale, half-price, dirt cheap, low price, marked down, reduced, economical, inexpensive, reasonable.


consensus, common ground, unanimity, alliance. bill, outlay, rate, worth, charge, price, expense, fee, offer, markdown, value, cost. agree, accord, understanding, cheapie, nicknack, Bric-a brac, schlock, tat, knickknack, fixer-upper, knockoff. beat down, cap, bottom out, climb, cheapen, Capping, appraise, transaction, bounce back. money. await, surprise, anticipate, figure on, look for, count on, expect. agreement (noun)
deal, transaction, understanding.
bargain (noun)
dicker, deal, cheap, steal, buy, inexpensive.
bargain for (noun)
look for, expect, figure on, anticipate.
barter (noun)
deal, interchange, exchange, trade, swap, transfer, barter, traffic, free trade.
communication (noun)
discounted price (noun)
cut, refund, discount, sale, mark down, rebate, deduction, reduction.
in addition (noun)
too, additionally.
into the bargain (noun)
barter, deal, beat down, settle, haggle, traffic, additionally, trade, buy.
something bought at cheap price (noun)
discount, low price, buy, markdown, value, reduction, steal.


barter (verb)
compromise (verb)
compensate, mediate, compromise, concede, reconcile, allow, appease, accommodate, settle, adjust.
negotiate terms of sale or agreement (verb)
barter, trade, agree, traffic, haggle, compromise, dicker.
possession (verb)

Other synonyms:

cheapen, alliance, common ground, unanimity, cheapie, knickknack, consensus, Bric-a brac, Capping, tat, fixer-upper, nicknack, schlock. beat down, bounce back, transaction. price. understanding, cost. offer. value. Other relevant words:
buy, steal, beat down, transaction, worth, count on, cheapie, anticipate, agree, value, consensus, markdown, cost, accord, cheapen, knickknack, alliance, understanding, dicker, Capping, expect.

Usage examples for bargain

  1. If there is a particular reason now- I- will forgive you- but- we must keep to our bargain – Christina by L. G. Moberly
  2. It's all down in black and white, and my name's to it in the bargain so there's an end of the matter, you see! – The Lights and Shadows of Real Life by T.S. Arthur Edition: 10 Language: English
  3. That is, I think, the bargain – Delia Blanchflower by Mrs. Humphry Ward