Synonyms for Climate:


environment, humidity, meteorologic conditions, cold, event, state of affairs, circumstance, latitude, heat, aridity, background, Microclimate, altitude, milieu, conditions, position, atmospheric condition, spirit, weather conditions, situation. be, place, the Antarctic, Atlantic Rim, world, the Caribbean, Asia-Pacific, ambiance, biome, limited, the Celtic fringe, Central America, the Arctic, medium, australasia, surroundings. barometer, spell, climatic, meteorology, temperate, zone, seasonal, tone, weather forecast, attitude. air (noun)
atmosphere, air, weather, oxygen.
climate (noun)
mood, clime.
conditions (noun)
environment (noun)
surroundings, ambiance.
mood of situation (noun)
environment, surroundings, medium, atmosphere, milieu, mood.
state (noun)
mood, clime.
weather of region (noun)
aridity, altitude, conditions, clime, latitude, humidity, meteorologic conditions.

Other synonyms:

latitude, situation, the Caribbean, event, meteorology, Atlantic Rim, climatic, state of affairs, milieu, biome, circumstance, the Antarctic, australasia, weather forecast, the Arctic, zone, Central America, Asia-Pacific, the Celtic fringe, Microclimate. background, position, seasonal, ambiance, barometer. temperate. spell, medium. tone. world. spirit. Other relevant words:
meteorologic conditions, Microclimate, aridity, temperate, circumstance, tone, conditions, milieu, spirit, seasonal, humidity, be, air, altitude, spell, background, barometer, clime, surroundings, event, environment, zone, climatic, mood, situation, ambiance, world, Asia-Pacific, latitude, biome, medium, australasia.

Usage examples for climate

  1. What a strange climate it must have been to suit them all! – The Romance of Natural History, Second Series by Philip Henry Gosse
  2. I never think of it as a climate – A Hazard of New Fortunes by William Dean Howells
  3. She loved its climate and its scenery, and she was happy with the many people who were her friends. – Napoleon's Young Neighbor by Helen Leah Reed