Synonyms for Intent:


attentive (adjective)
cautious, Considering, observant, Immersed, enraptured, concerned, regardful, fascinated, sharp, Scrutinizing, interested, mindful, vigilant, alert, attentive, observing, rapt, absorbed, entranced, diligent, watchful, heedful, careful, Concentrating, Hearkening, responsible, engrossed.
resolute (adjective)
deliberate, serious, headstrong, strong-willed, persistent, true, thorough, strong-minded, ruthless, indomitable, indefatigable, bold, unwavering, zealous, fearless, courageous, spunky, earnest, implacable, stubborn, resolved, unchangeable, steady, dogged, dauntless, unbending, bullheaded, reliable, unyielding, set, unshakeable, steely, tenacious, hearty, firm, steadfast, faithful, committed, determined, staunch, dedicated, constant, resolute, tireless, insistent, unflinching, decided, relentless, persevering, decisive, tough, plucky, diligent, valiant, devoted, loyal, inexorable, iron-willed, willing, uncompromising, stern.


driven, motivated, ambitious, sedulous, competitive. way, bent. attention, attention span, planned, view, fixated, regard, under someone's critical eye, why, ambition. burden, contempt of court, child abuse, blackmail, contempt, defamation, substance, criminal negligence, agriterrorism, bioterrorism, conspiracy, bigamy. acceptation, Significancy, sense, import, value, signification. absorbed (noun)
intent (noun)
enwrapped, purport, fixed, attentive, aim, purpose, concentrated, rapt, design, intention, absorbed, spirit, wrapped, engrossed.
meaning (noun)
tenor, implication, interpretation, pith, gist, subject, drift, indication, crux, relevance, significance, denotation, description, point, message, connotation, thrust, upshot, meaning, definition, explanation, purpose, topic.

Other synonyms:

ambitious, acceptation. Significancy, signification. why, bent. ambition. value, substance. view. sense.

Usage examples for intent

  1. Seeing Elfreda there intent on the map, she announced: I'm going wading, Elfreda. – Grace Harlowe's Overland Riders on the Great American Desert by Jessie Graham Flower
  2. So we both stood, intent some seconds, looking our last upon each other if I was wise. – No Hero by E.W. Hornung
  3. She picked up a stone and with its pointed edge drew lines on the dust which seemed to interest her, for she followed them with intent eyes, not answering. – The Emigrant Trail by Geraldine Bonner