Synonyms for Iberia:


Atlantic Rim, the Caribbean, biome, climate, the Arctic, Central America, australasia, the Celtic fringe, the Antarctic, Asia-Pacific. iberia (noun)
Iberian Peninsula.
location (noun)
Iberian Peninsula.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
biome, Asia-Pacific, australasia, climate.

Usage examples for iberia

  1. As to Iberia and Sertorius, no one even in jest would have said that the conquest was due to any one else than Pompeius. – Plutarch's Lives Volume III. by Plutarch
  2. The causes of quarrel were ultimately the rival pretensions of the Roman and Persian Empires to the suzerainty of the small states on their northern frontiers near the Black Sea, the kingdoms of Lazica and Iberia and more proximately the strengthening of the fortresses on the Mesopotamian border by Justinian. – The Byzantine Empire by Charles William Chadwick Oman
  3. Trevalyon, The Villa Iberia Rome, Italy. – A Heart-Song of To-day by Annie Gregg Savigny