Synonyms for Area:


regional (adjective)
circuit, district, commonwealth, canton, realm, county, sector, local, precinct, borough, shire, national, riding, colonial, state, territorial, city, tract, provincial, divisional, quarter, zone, town, regional.


BMI, cubic, distance, Centigram, are, cu, bushel, carat, ct. diocese, block, co, the borderland, township, corridor, airspace, square, parish, breadbasket, ward, meridian, belt, principality. neck of the woods, subdivision, substructure, unit, bit, segment, detail, piece, portion. vicinity, near. department, bag, terrain, scene. area (noun)
domain, surface area, district, rood, hectare, orbit, patch, territory, expanse, acre, country, sphere, section, field, arena, sector, zone, region.
arena (noun)
dominion, stage, theater, auditorium, pen, battle-ground, bailiwick, colosseum, circle, precinct, circus, gallery, turf, hall, arena, ring, province, setting, courtyard, amphitheater, enclosure, gymnasium, ground, hippodrome, beat, locale, circuit, realm, campus, battlefield.
bed (noun)
calculation (noun)
extent (noun)
plane, room, leeway, range, measure, stretch, length, scope, span, scale, extent, acreage, field, volume, plateau, neighborhood, space, dimension, reach.
extent, scope of a surface (noun)
operation, stretch, space, breadth, range, sphere, width, field, distance, expanse, size.
location (noun)
quarter (noun)
quarter, district, zone, region, locale.
region (noun)
earldom, country, state, plot, empire, lot, borough, commonweal, canton, municipality, colony, kingdom, duchy, parcel, town, city, dukedom, nation, place, riding, shire, division, tract, locality, county.
region, district (noun)
neighborhood, state, square, block, township, division, section, quarter, locality, city, principality, county, plot, vicinity, parcel, belt, domain, territory, ward, tract, sector, dominion, precinct, kingdom, neck of the woods, zone, enclosure, patch, turf.
room (noun)
scope (noun)
size (noun)
capacity, expanse, width, magnitude, Portliness, breadth, greatness, chunkiness, amplitude, proportion, largeness, height, bigness, size, measurement, corpulence, bulk.
square (noun)

Other synonyms:

carat, BMI, square, airspace, cubic, Centigram, the borderland, bushel, are, breadbasket, parish. department, ward, belt. co, bag, vicinity, corridor. block. scene. ground
neck of the woods.
Other relevant words:
distance, Centigram, vicinity, parish, township, co, ct, block, diocese, bit, belt, carat, square, near, subdivision, department, operation, BMI, cu, ward, bag, piece, detail, unit, substructure, meridian, airspace, orbit, neck of the woods, portion, bushel, segment, principality, surface area, breadbasket, scene, terrain, cubic, corridor, are, sphere.

Usage examples for area

  1. Some little sugar cane is grown by the Igorot of the Bontoc area – The Bontoc Igorot by Albert Ernest Jenks
  2. This discharge is equal to an area of 640 acres, or a mile square, with nearly three feet of water. – The Earth as Modified by Human Action by George P. Marsh
  3. The settlement of the general area is not clear as to date. – The First Seventeen Years: Virginia 1607-1624 by Charles E. Hatch