Synonyms for Land:


land (adjective)
beach, ground, coastal, mainland, shore, earth.


get in, tract, draw in, come in, appear. border, enclosure, acreage, quarry, conservation area, conservancy. captain, homeland, climb, come down, airlift, buzz, home, ditch, eject. co, breadbasket, district, polity, politics, the borderland, airspace, county. acre, close, alleyway, car park, backyard, owned, alley, blind alley, arcade, campus, back, cloister. bait, bite, angling, cast, blood sports, big game. dystopia, the Promised Land, el dorado, fairyland, arcadia, camelot, the Bates Motel, hades, never-never land. fall, lose your balance/footing, plummet, plunge, slip, descend, go down. pastoral, the land, provincial, rural, bucolic, hick, the (great) outdoors, rustic, down-home. suffer, not know where/which way to turn, come under, be in dire/desperate straits, be in the grip of something, endure, undergo. continental shelf, crust, aquifer, floor, continental drift, geography, geological, geology, fault, faultline. earth's surface; ownable property (noun)
loam, territory, beach, holding, ground, mainland, earth, terra firma, quarry, soil, ranch, real estate, home, acreage, manor, homeland, estate, shore, realty, district, tract.
land (noun)
coast, terra firma, earth, mainland, bank, beach, stone, shore, soil.
object (noun)
ground, soil.
possession (noun)
empire, worth, holding, property, realm, kingdom, territory, possession, wealth, effects, acquisition.
property (noun)
estate, ground, belongings, assets, goods, title, principal, fixtures, inheritance, realty, possessions, stock, chattel, manor, legacy, real estate, domain, ranch, farm, Resources.


achieve, acquire (verb)
get, procure, annex, secure, win, obtain.
acquire (verb)
buy, annex, catch, palm, acquire, get, capture, corner, wrangle, heap, add, purchase, procure, lure, fetch, pocket, bag, score, secure, garner, reap, accumulate, claim, win, harvest, net, receive, amass, incur, take, collect, obtain, assume, retrieve.
arrive (verb)
arrive, come, accomplish, debark, enter, attain.
arrive, come to rest on (verb)
ditch, come down, debark, come in.

Other synonyms:

draw in, the Promised Land, dystopia, el dorado, arcadia, camelot, the Bates Motel, fairyland, never-never land. polity, acre, hades, get in. come in. climb. bribe

Usage examples for land

  1. I wonder whether it is on our land – What's Mine's Mine V1 by George MacDonald
  2. We could no longer see any land – The Flood by Emile Zola