Synonyms for Fashion:


start-off, inaugurate, bring about, catalyze, set off, trigger, create. boom, fashion statement, guise, formality, practice, observance, precedent, magnet, prevalence, winner, tendency, popularity, formula, chic, prescription, custom, etiquette, order, usage, wont, procedure, favourite, ton, taste, HIT, fascination, mores, hot spot. craze, fashion house, fad, couturier, catwalk, house, fashionista, rage, goth, haute couture, fashion show, cry, collection. furor, thing, usual. system, wise, method, modus operandi. tone, vein. attitude, manner (noun)
formula, way, formality, modus operandi, system, guise, precedent, method, prevalence, observance, etiquette, style, procedure, vein, prescription, mores, order, tendency, practice.
attribute (noun)
style, way, manner, mode.
craze (noun)
fashion (noun)
decorum, chicness, rakishness, forge, coordination, mode, ritziness, fanciness, showiness, style, convention, nattiness, smartness, way, snappiness, stylishness, vogue, decorousness, savoir-faire, slickness, dapperness, manner.
form (noun)
latest style, prevailing taste (noun)
cry, craze, chic, convention, fad, vogue, thing, furor, usage, mode, tone, rage, custom, make.
method (noun)
somewhat (noun)
in a way, moderately, to some extent.


adjust, design, create (verb)
construct, fabricate, fit, devise, forge.
creation (verb)
prepare (verb)
devise, arrange, fit, draft, construct, equip, ready, prime, foster, marshal, compose, fabricate, make, prepare, set, mobilize, outfit, develop, formulate, furnish, curry, dress.

Other synonyms:

popularity, fashion house, fashion show, fashion statement, fashionista, couturier. catwalk, method, modus operandi, magnet, practice. fascination, furor, goth. hot spot. tone. collection, vein. boom. house. HIT. thing. craze

Usage examples for fashion

  1. " I know it is the fashion to speak in that way. – Janet's Love and Service by Margaret M Robertson
  2. And, after all, what is a fashion – Reviews by Oscar Wilde
  3. Why did you dress yourself in that fashion – The Associate Hermits by Frank R. Stockton