Synonyms for Ritual:


ritualistic (adjective)
ceremonial, eucharistic, canonical, ritualistic, sacramental, liturgical.


dreary, uninteresting, trivial, dull, mind-numbing, unexciting, tedious, humdrum, uninspired, boring. inaugural, office, plenary, head-to-head, processional, face to face, congressional. dedication, form, communicator, induction, usual, graduation. formal, way of life, daily life, ceremonious, take to, habit, as is someone's wont, tendency, common practice. act (noun)
behavior (noun)
way of life, etiquette.
celebration (noun)
carousal, praise, glorification, acclamation, honor, feast, remembrance, jubilation, joy, glee, ovation, elation, merry-making, jubilee, commencement, holiday, celebration, inauguration, proclamation, memorialization, exultation, salute, ceremony, spree, festivity, rejoicing, observance, convocation, commemoration, revelry.
ceremony, tradition (noun)
convention, communion, habit, sacrament, custom, observance, formality, routine, liturgy, form, ceremonial, rite, service.
conformity (noun)
accordance, conformance, tradition, convention, regularity, acquiescence, propriety, adherence, obedience, compliance, conformity, custom, etiquette, congruity, correctness, submission, submissiveness, consistency, formality, manner.
observance (noun)
routine, rites, study at ceremony.
rite (noun)
confirmation, missal, baptism, revival, communion, sacrament, novena, marriage, matrimony, christening, service, initiation, canon, vesper, Siddur, mass, liturgy, evensong, last rites, transubstantiation, wedlock, sacrifice, nones, eucharist, rite, solemnization.

Other synonyms:

processional, head-to-head, daily life, way of life. congressional, plenary, face to face, inaugural. tendency, ceremonious. formal. form. office. Other relevant words:
form, induction, head-to-head, usual, routine, rites, habit, tendency, plenary, graduation, congressional, inaugural, processional, office, formal, ceremonious.

Usage examples for ritual

  1. That seemed to be all the religious ritual Khinjan remembered or could tolerate. – King--of the Khyber Rifles by Talbot Mundy
  2. Padre Pieras could not help reminding his superior that not an Indian was within sight or hearing, and that it would be more practical to proceed with the ritual – The Old Franciscan Missions Of California by George Wharton James