Synonyms for Dominant:


authoritative (adjective)
bigger (adjective)
central (adjective)
commanding (adjective)
in charge, governing.
important (adjective)
major, vital, meaningful, significant, fundamental, serious, crucial.
main, primary (adjective)
major, influential.
powerful (adjective)
high-powered, reigning, important, strong, formidable, influential, autocratic.
preponderant (adjective)
superior (adjective)
eminent, uppermost, maximum, controlling, crowning, signal, master, furthermost, senior, elite, chosen, ascendant, most, best, choice, king, champion, commanding, above, furthest, consummate, leading, quintessential, ruling, paramount, A 1, supreme, sovereign, predominant, chief, superior, zenith, foremost, better, Headmost.
superior, controlling (adjective)
bossy, ascendant, demonstrative, regnant, foremost, ruling, domineering, leading, paramount, sovereign, imperious, supreme, assertive, preponderant, despotic, governing, commanding, principal, powerful, imperative, chief, reigning, predominant, predominate, authoritative.


noticeable, show up, obvious, apparent, perceptible, principal, plain, distinct, identifiable, visible, manifest. over, reigning, Dominative, regnant. strong, masterful. Prepotent, important. dominant (noun)
superior, predominant, sovereign, preponderant, paramount, possessive, controlling, in charge, predominate, ascendent, ascendant, preponderating, supreme, dominating, overriding, governing.

Other synonyms:

powerful, principal, major, Dominative, regnant. authoritative, reigning, Prepotent, lordly. masterful.

Usage examples for dominant

  1. Throughout, the dominant element is the Roman provincial fashion which is borrowed from Italy. – The Romanization of Roman Britain by F. Haverfield
  2. Christianity now became a dominant power. – Daybreak: A Romance of an Old World by James Cowan
  3. But the dominant thought in his mind was that at all costs the girl must be spared the exposure. – The Brass Bowl by Louis Joseph Vance