Synonyms for Above:


superior (adjective)
elite, champion, zenith, better, king, most, chief, consummate, maximum, leading, quintessential, foremost, ruling, predominant, best, eminent, furthest, signal, dominant, superior, crowning, uppermost, paramount, Headmost, controlling, commanding, A 1, sovereign, chosen, senior, furthermost, supreme, master, ascendant, choice.
top (adjective)


above (adverb)
over, higher than, atop, Up-over, over and above.
all (adverb)
superiorly (adverb)
eminently, dominantly, maximally, Paramountly, Superiorly, Consummately, Commandingly, predominantly, supremely, Sovereignly, chiefly.


above (adverb)
over, higher than, atop, Up-over, over and above.
high up (adverb)
superiorly (adverb)
predominantly, Commandingly, Superiorly, maximally, chiefly, eminently, Consummately, Sovereignly, dominantly, Paramountly, supremely, better.


aforesaid, aforementioned, after, foregoing, the undersigned, see, hereafter, before, earlier, therein, above-mentioned. upper, topmost, high up, elevated, overhead, top. more, surplus, excessive, exceptional, Hyper-, too, overly, overmuch. advanced, standard, classically, exacting, low, average, classical. first, basically, essentially, the fact (of the matter) is, at the end of the day, not just any..., mainly, in essence, importantly. acoustic, break up, audio, db, decibel, acoustics, audible. above (noun)
preceding, in a higher place, supra, to a higher place.
higher (noun)


elevated (verb)

Other synonyms:

advanced, hereafter, classically, audible, audio, common, classical, above-mentioned, acoustics, break up, higher, aforementioned, aforesaid, good, the undersigned, standard, therein, db, decibel, exacting, foregoing, B-list, aloft, acoustic, A-list, topmost, elevated, genteel, raised, see, overhead. low, average, top, high up. after. antecedent

Usage examples for above

  1. It is above reason. – Orthodoxy: Its Truths And Errors by James Freeman Clarke
  2. Whatever happens, Lord Highcliffe is safe, high and dry above water mark. – At Love's Cost by Charles Garvice
  3. Above city of Quebec. – The Makers of Canada: Index and Dictionary of Canadian History by Various