Synonyms for Predominant:


all (adjective)
prevailing, dominant.
average (adjective)
common, mezzo, standard, average, conventional, moderate, everyday, middle-of-the-road, run-of-the-mill, normal, mid, mean, middling, stock, median, usual, ordinary, stereotype, medium, midmost, commonplace, mediocre, halfway, customary, dominant.
central (adjective)
influential (adjective)
important, supreme, leading, influential, masterful, motivational, commanding, powerful, senior, authoritative, prejudicial, controlling, ruling.
preponderant (adjective)
ruling; most important (adjective)
dominant, official, potent, sovereign, surpassing, predominate, prime, leading, transcendent, influential, reigning, omnipotent, imperious, supervisory, arbitrary, prevailing, supreme, overpowering, principal, ascendant, superior, almighty, weighty, efficacious, absolute, paramount, superlative, chief, controlling, dominating, authoritative, governing, effective, mighty, preponderant.
superior (adjective)
chosen, furthermost, master, signal, zenith, maximum, quintessential, eminent, A 1, elite, senior, furthest, dominant, supreme, best, paramount, uppermost, king, ruling, better, sovereign, ascendant, Headmost, controlling, above, leading, superior, chief, choice, commanding, champion, crowning, consummate, foremost, most.


governing, preeminent, elementary, dominating, weighty, incompetent, prime, almighty, mighty, imperious, potent, effective, efficacious, omnipotent, arbitrary, executive, submissive, supervisory, official, basic, absolute, overpowering, reigning. numerous, be everywhere, Familiar, transcendent, diffuse, superlative, principal, prolific, surpassing. Prepotent, regnant. specific, widespread, current. predominant (noun)
paramount, predominate, overriding, frequent, preponderating, prevailing, dominant, preponderant.

Other synonyms:

principal, numerous. Prepotent, regnant. Familiar, prime. prolific, current. widespread. basic. dominant
Other relevant words:
preponderating, diffuse, current, frequent, elementary, numerous, principal, absolute, weighty, Familiar, arbitrary, governing, transcendent, imperious, prime, specific, dominating, executive, regnant, effective, superlative, submissive, Prepotent, mighty, omnipotent, official, surpassing, potent, prolific, overriding, almighty, efficacious, preeminent, supervisory, preponderant, widespread, prevailing, basic, reigning, predominate, incompetent, overpowering.

Usage examples for predominant

  1. It was, therefore, not without reason anticipated that at least a partial support would have been given to him in the region where the influences of Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe, were predominant – Memoir of the Life of John Quincy Adams. by Josiah Quincy
  2. Predominant over all was the stately figure of Hassan of Aleppo, that benignant, remorseless being, that terrible guardian of the holy relic who directed the murderous operations. – The Quest of the Sacred Slipper by Sax Rohmer