Synonyms for Frank:


artless (adjective)
plain, uncalculating, outgoing, trusting, undeceitful, ingenuous, Unartful, undeceiving, unsophisticated, artless, straightforward, honest, blunt, overt, direct, unaffected, downright, callow, broad, undisguised, sincere, Plain-spoken, genuine, open, naive, un-artificial, candid, undeceptive, unrestrained, Unbeguiling, natural.
at close range (adjective)
barefaced (adjective)
blunt (adjective)
matter of fact.
completely honest (adjective)
downright, natural, straightforward, apparent, outspoken, aboveboard, forthright, guileless, ingenuous, uninhibited, free, direct, saying what one thinks, open, plain, Familiar, straight, undisguised, Plain-spoken, artless, sincere, blunt, easy, unreserved, candid, truthful, naive.
direct (adjective)
plainspoken, undisguised.
succinct (adjective)
bald, uncluttered, simple, intelligible, unadorned, honest, unpretentious, stark, outspoken, prosaic, blunt, candid, unpoetical, casual, straightforward, Plain-spoken, direct, ordinary, clear, folksy, informal.
thoughtless (adjective)
true (adjective)
truthful (adjective)
factual, earnest, straightforward, honest, trustworthy, ethical, candid, truthful, sincere, honorable.
unguarded (adjective)
veracious (adjective)
vocal (adjective)


fine, upstanding, irreproachable, decent, principled, good. highlight, straight-shooting, star, plot, cross out, straight, show, unreserved, man-to-man, stamp, check, scribble, underscore, underline, mark, straight-out. chipped beef, corned beef, ham, London broil, jerky, cold cuts, cracklings, headcheese. candid (noun)
aboveboard, unreserved, straight-out, free, uninhibited, free in speaking, upfront, unguarded, openhearted, straight, matter of fact, Undissembling, Familiar, apparent, open-faced, saying what one thinks, calling a spade a spade, guileless, easy, explicit, flat out.
frank (noun)
blunt, direct, hot dog, hotdog, candid, plainspoken, outspoken, wienerwurst, frankfurter, free-spoken, wiener, obvious, forthright, postmark, point-blank.


contact (verb)

Other synonyms:

corned beef, chipped beef, headcheese, man-to-man, cold cuts, London broil, straight-out. straight-shooting, ham, jerky. free, straight. express

Usage examples for frank

  1. Well, I'll be frank with you, and you shall be frank with me." – The Master of the Ceremonies by George Manville Fenn
  2. You have struck at my personal feeling for you by a silence that was not frank – The Law of Hemlock Mountain by Hugh Lundsford
  3. What will you do, Frank – Ayala's Angel by Anthony Trollope