Synonyms for Vigor:


ambition, aspiration, will, perseverance, resolve, motivation, determination. ginger, life, lan, dash, sparkle, esprit, pertness, brio, vivaciousness, peppiness, bounce, action. punch, vigorousness, starch, tired. action (noun)
attribute (noun)
vigour, zip, energy.
energy (noun)
drive, spark, verve, snap, zing, pep, zip, vim, energy, strength, power, activity, spunk, vivacity, puissance, potency, zeal, stamina, fervor, fire, effervescence, spirit, force, might.
good condition (noun)
health (noun)
health, haleness, salubriousness, well-being, fitness, wholesomeness, hardiness, robustness.
life (noun)
power (noun)
competence, command, mastery, grasp, authority, control.
power, energy (noun)
starch, potency, intensity, endurance, might, soundness, snap, zing, agility, strength, vitality, urgency, pep, punch, alertness, exercise, quickness, vim, hardiness, dash, bounce, motion, nimbleness, activity, zip, well-being, puissance, force, drive, action, fire, lustiness, muscle, liveliness.
starch (noun)
strength (noun)
muscle, vitality, stoutness, brawn, clout, stability, firmness, toughness, sturdiness, huskiness.
vigor (noun)
exuberance, agitation, lustiness, energy, starch, vigour, friskiness, fervency, gusto, relish, earnestness, vim, enthusiasm, eagerness, agility, excitement, sprightliness, liveliness, passion, zest, industriousness, Ardency, animation.

Other synonyms:

ginger, ambition, peppiness, vivaciousness, action, vigorousness, brio, intensity. determination, sparkle, esprit, pertness. punch. life.

Usage examples for vigor

  1. Ampho raised his nostrils to the rafters and howled with considerable vigor for one of such advanced years, " It pleases his Majesty the Emperor Euphrates that the House of Rababull, and all it's bond persons, shall become the property of the Emperor, as compensation for the death of one called Puffat, the son of a distant and honorable relation!" – Si'Wren of the Patriarchs by Roland Cheney
  2. His own father was also the owner of herds and, though he held him in high esteem, it was in spite of his position and only because his whole character commanded reverence; because the superb old man's fiery vigor won love from every one, and above all from him, his grateful son. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  3. When he escaped from the Catholic court and returned to his mother's Protestant court in Navarre, he espoused with new vigor the cause of his Protestant friends. – Henry IV, Makers of History by John S. C. Abbott