Synonyms for Eminent:


all (adjective)
important (adjective)
heavyweight, salient, pivotal, notable, momentous, distinguished, high-powered, serious, important, consequential, considerable, noteworthy, big-name, earthshaking, world-shaking, prominent, critical, influential, grave, crucial, big-wig.
superior (adjective)
uppermost, dominant, controlling, quintessential, commanding, elite, consummate, above, signal, maximum, furthest, choice, crowning, supreme, furthermost, best, paramount, champion, chief, better, foremost, superior, senior, king, chosen, leading, master, sovereign, Headmost, ruling, ascendant, most, predominant, zenith, A 1.
very important; famous (adjective)
Famed, lofty, noteworthy, distinguished, high, dominant, superior, notable, renowned, illustrious, preeminent, prestigious, paramount, big-name, prominent, celebrated, noted, great.


praiseworthy, commendable, awesome, awe-inspiring, heroic, respected, enviable, admirable. raised. noted, preeminent, prestigious, knowledge, renowned, Famed, illustrious, redoubtable, famous, respect, celebrated. distinguished (noun)
great, important, distinguished, illustrious, prestigious, noteworthy, prominent, renowned, preeminent, noted, celebrated, famous, high, Famed, notable.
eminent (noun)
superior, lofty, high, of import, successful, important, great, towering, distinguished, soaring.


distinguished (verb)

Other synonyms:

prestigious, Famed. renowned, noted, celebrated. preeminent, redoubtable. renowned
Other relevant words:
successful, noted, preeminent, awesome, Famed, awe-inspiring, redoubtable, heroic, illustrious, praiseworthy, renowned, of import, raised, soaring, famous, towering, respected, great, celebrated, admirable, lofty, high, prestigious.

Usage examples for eminent

  1. I can only agree fully with the current opinions of eminent criminologists on this subject. – Studies in Forensic Psychiatry by Bernard Glueck