Synonyms for Ahead:


all (adjective)
successful (adjective)
high-flying, distinguished, thriving, brilliant, big, huge, successful.


in front or advance of (adverb)
advancing, precedent, leading, first, advanced, previous, foremost, along.


half-hour, at, AM, fast, leading. prosper, advancing, from all sides, direct, bound for something, Into, oncoming, progress, succeed. modernistic, early, time, betimes, up-to-the-minute, space age, state of the art, modern, hip, ahead of time, futuristic, with time to spare, contemporary, ahead of your/its etc. time. Since, prior, previous, barely, by the time, advance. dash, baton, the blocks, clock, false start, drop back, come, come in, dead heat. ahead (noun)
leading, advanced, winning.

Other synonyms:

direct, by, cross country, dash, early. come in, Into, across, baton. come. around. ahead of time
in front

Usage examples for ahead

  1. Maybe we'll be too far ahead for them to catch us! – The Passing of Ku Sui by Anthony Gilmore
  2. See that fellow ahead there? – The Adventures of a Freshman by Jesse Lynch Williams