Synonyms for King:


superior (adjective)
commanding, consummate, crowning, elite, above, controlling, furthest, A 1, eminent, paramount, dominant, chief, choice, sovereign, ascendant, signal, better, predominant, foremost, senior, most, furthermost, champion, leading, zenith, quintessential, best, uppermost, maximum, superior, chosen, master, supreme, ruling, Headmost.


autocrat, face card, club, monarch, deck, diamond, subject, ace, majesty, sultan, heart, despot, tyrant, dictator, czar, emperor, liege, servant, rajah, potentate, jack, house of cards, prince, deuce, card. Him, disciple, apostle, he, the Holy Ghost, His, evangelist, christ, apostolic. consort, baroness, archduke, baronetcy, countess, count, baronet, aristocrat, aristocracy. the Top Ten, perfection, the last word, the best, flagship, the gold standard, optimum, ideal. gambit, chessboard, chess, bishop, grand master, checkmate, chessman, check, castle, capture. emperor (noun)
king (noun)
Martin Luther King, mogul, magnate, top executive, tycoon, business leader, male monarch, riley b king, B. B. King, power, big businessman, baron, world-beater, Billie Jean Moffitt King, Billie Jean King, Martin Luther King, Jr..
master (noun)
person (noun)
Billie Jean Moffitt King, Billie Jean King, male monarch.
potentate (noun)
ruler (noun)
sovereign, czar, majesty, monarch, sultan, magnate, potentate, baron, overlord, tycoon, prince, mogul, rajah, emperor.

Other synonyms:

Riley B King
riley b king.
sultan, the gold standard, rajah, the Top Ten. flagship, perfection, optimum. ideal, majesty. the last word. star. b. b. king
B. B. King.
billie jean king
Billie Jean King.
martin luther king
Martin Luther King.
Other relevant words:
business leader, czar, aristocrat, deuce, mogul, prince, power, bigwig, optimum, jack, magnate, deck, star, card, Billie Jean Moffitt King, top executive, luminary, baronetcy, face card, world-beater, baroness, rajah, baronet, monarch, B. B. King, chessman, big shot, majesty, male monarch, emperor, riley b king, diamond, ace, Martin Luther King, sultan, ideal, count, flagship, Billie Jean King, tycoon, potentate, bishop, big businessman, castle.

Usage examples for king

  1. " Indeed, indeed," said the lady, " I'd like to see a king too, if it didn't take all night. – Their Silver Wedding Journey by William Dean Howells
  2. They could hear, however, and I called to King – Caves of Terror by Talbot Mundy
  3. The third is when a man is King – Rastignac the Devil by Philip José Farmer