Synonyms for Count:


aristocrat, peer, allowance, lord, batch, nobleman, earl, backlog, balance, block, capacity, allocation, accumulation. prove, project, tell. correction, import, important, signify, costing, addition. beat, aggregation, aggregate, the sum total, grand total, totality, repetition, running total, summation. characterize, sort, class, group, categorize, classify, grade, bracket. criminality, illegality, crime, attempt, offense, misdeed, law-breaking. dominate, predominate, lie at the heart of something, loom large, emphasize, come before. calculation (noun)
calculus, arithmetic, algorithm, method, multiplication, assessment, valuation, computation, evaluation, mathematics, thought, determination, division, reckoning, judgement, appraisal, enumeration, measurement, consideration, calculation, approximation, conclusion, triangulation, inference, statistics, system, algebra, quantification, estimation, supposition, deduction, presumption.
lawsuit (noun)
allegation, indictment, accusation, summons, litigation, suit, complaint, impeachment, writ, case, action, subpoena, grievance, prosecution, affidavit, arraignment, lawsuit, charge, hearing, citation, implication.
list (noun)
detail, treasury, collection, file, record, album, book, menu, ledger, digest, daybook, cash book, manifest, register, recording, diary, log, tabulate, table, budget, notebook, history, documentation, Bank book, roster, pad, recount, roll, tablet, list, lexicon, calendar, check, docket, inventory, catalog, invoice, workbook, annals, scroll, yearbook, thesaurus, repertory, logbook, blank-book, annual, summary, waybill, registry, bill, novel, scrapbook, store, census, index, Storybook, statement, chronicle, dictionary, itemization, journal.
master (noun)
noble (noun)
archduke, countess.
nobleman (noun)
tally; number (noun)
enumeration, reckoning, computation, calculation, whole, total, sum.
total (noun)


communication (verb)
number, enumerate, numerate.
consider, deem (verb)
judge, rate, look, think.
have importance (verb)
import, signify, matter, weigh.
list (verb)
document, itemize, collect, audit, Journalize, summarize, note.
number (verb)
enumerate, swarm, tally, throng, number, abound.

Other synonyms:

baronet, running total, baroness, project, countess, grand total, nobleman, baronetcy, costing, crime, misdeed, aristocracy, archduke. come before, summation, baron, peer, criminality, predominate, illegality, consort, correction, dominate, emphasize, attempt, aggregate. offense, addition, signify. lord, import, totality. beat, tell. add
sum, enumerate, tally.
aristocrat, earl.

Usage examples for count

  1. It was the Count of Nideck! – The Man-Wolf and Other Tales by Emile Erckmann and Alexandre Chatrian